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41. Foment (aanhitsen) :: But by the same token its not a good thing for them to be fomenting world opinion against us either
42. Foolhardy (doldriest) :: Regiments travelled extensively to attack each other and a host of enemies who were foolhardy enough to provoke us
43. Foppish (fatterig) ::
44. Forage (voer) :: However these studies did not determine optimal stocking density on the basis of quantity of standing crop forage at placement time
46. Forensic (forensiese) :: Like all crime police prefer to gather forensic evidence as soon as possible after an incident
48. Fortitude (moed) :: He died peacefully after an illness borne with great fortitude and resolve
49. Fortuitous (toevallig) :: In our analysis we took advantage of these fortuitous differences by incorporating weather as a categorical factor
50. Fracas (opschudding) :: That doesnt excuse the initial actions of the players but the whole thing had a really ugly aspect to it in terms of the number of people involved and the different little fracases that went on
51. Fractious (lastig) :: All the fractiousness isnt surprising really
52. Fraudulent (bedrieglike) :: A counterfeit or fraudulent cashiers check or corporate check is utilized to pay for merchandise
53. Frieze (fries) :: Long bronze relief friezes by Paul Day will be fixed to its walls
54. Fringe (byvoordele) :: No one would claim these views represent mainstream opinion and fringe groups often try to hijack the news agenda through coordinated letter writing campaigns
55. Frivolous (ligsinnig) :: But this was Nero and he would not be Nero without being frivolous
56. Froward (huigelagtige) :: For the iniquity of his covetousness was I wroth and smote him and he went on frowardly in the way of his heart
57. Frugal (sober) :: Most meals are frugal and simple with the daily consumption of meat kept to a minimum
58. Fulminate (donder) :: Sir Max had fulminated against the governments call to silence in a leaderpage article in the Daily Mail
59. Furrow (sloot) :: Botox also could be useful for alleviating migraine headaches and lower back pain and for cosmetic uses such as brow furrow and crows feet
60. Furtive (skugter) :: But his gaze was not nervous or furtive but controlling establishing a zone that she was not to enter

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