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22. Goad (prikkels) :: Even if a picture suggested by theory were not precisely correct intelligent speculation is a goad for more intense experimental scrutiny
23. Gossamer (Gossamer) :: My ivory limbs glisten under the weight of the lightest gossamer
24. Gouge (guts) :: A pod auger requires a starting hole which usually is made with a gouge or chisel
27. Gratuitous (gratuite) :: In other words humour should be neither gratuitous nor excessive but judicious
28. Gravity (swaartekrag) :: It bestows on cricket though a gravity that goes way beyond just two teams of 11 fit young people playing a game against each other doesnt it
29. Gregarious (kuddedier) :: Old World sparrows are highly gregarious they often roost and breed communally and form feeding flocks
32. Guffaw (luidkeels lag) :: Whether overheard in a crowded restaurant punctuating the enthusiastic chatter of friends or as the noisy guffaws on a TV laugh track laughter is a fundamental part of everyday life
33. Guile (bedrog) :: This is a franchise making strides but it is still relying more on guile and guts than skill
34. Guileless (argeloos) :: God cannot abide sin he explains guilelessly to Read
36. Gullible (liggelowiges) :: It is a deeply dishonest book that takes advantage of the ignorance gullibility and derangement of its target audience

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