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21. Ferrous (ysterhoudende) :: Except for aluminium and ferrous metal such as steel the prices for most recyclable materials rests at the bottom of their historical ranges
22. Fervent (vurige) :: They were white Afrikaners and fervent supporters of apartheid their daughter was black
23. Fervid (gloeiend) :: This fervid belief is essential to overcoming the inevitable dissenters and roadblocks that arise when challenging conventional notions
24. Fervor (ywer) :: There is no fervour no passion and no straightforward moral principle
25. Fickle (wisselvallige) :: Now the impression is of a fickle politician who has lots of ideas but no staying power to see them through
26. Figurehead (boegbeeld) :: There were handsome ships anchored in the harbor manysailed with delicately carved figureheads
27. Filibuster (roof) :: Because the filibuster is a negative procedure and one that frustrates the will of a simple majority it has a bad reputation
29. Fitful (ongedurig) :: The scorer is a playmaker commonly accused of fitfulness
31. Flagrant (flagrante) :: Its a flagrant breach of the unwritten rules but whos to stop her
32. Flail (klepel) :: a flail hedge trimmer
33. Flamboyant (flambojante) :: For day wide tweed trousers a crocheted sweater a poncho and a hat is a great flamboyant look or a wrap dress and a bright yellow or green tweed coat with blue tights and fabulous shoes
36. Flippant (ligsinnig) :: Zach flailed against the cuffs his rage escalating at her flippant attitude
37. Flout (ignoreer) :: Okay you get off this time but just make sure you know flattery only gets you so far she flouted
38. Flustered (verbouereerd) ::
39. Fly-by-night (fly-by-nag) ::
40. Foible (swak punt) :: To read him one feels is to know him foibles and all

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