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161. singer (sanger) :: Aspiring pop singers from a Keighley school will perform in front of shoppers tomorrow
163. single (enkele) :: What were talking about is a middy of beer or a small glass of wine or a single measure of spirits
164. sink (wasbak) :: the local sink school
165. sir (meneer) :: She had the devil in her sirs Parson Evans sighed and put away his handkerchief
166. sister (suster) :: Yesterday an old man collapsed in the toilet and Amelia ran out to fetch the ward sister
168. site (werf) :: the site has no ads and is not being promoted with banners
169. situation (situasie) :: This is an interminable argument that must be decided situationally
170. six (ses) :: Boys and girls in the borough can join the scouts aged as young as six when they are eligible to attend meetings of the beaver scout section
171. sixteen (sestien) :: sixteen of them are qualified
172. sixty (sestig) :: The white guy was closer to sixty than to fifty and his shaggy whiteblond hair was shot with grey and hed given up trying to hide the bald spot on top
173. size (grootte) :: she was wearing a size 20
174. skilful (vaardige) :: You need to be able to show you were as skillful and competent with a gun as the average cop
175. skill (vaardigheid) :: The coaches pick these players on the basis of their talent skill and ability to work as a team
176. skilled (geskoolde) :: Those who did the skilled work had to belong to a guild
177. skin (vel) :: During his journey he had used the knives to skin rabbits caught by his dogs
178. skirt (romp) :: Amy adjusted Saras coat over the skirt of her blue dress before turning for the scarf
179. sky (lug) :: Then dozens of multicoloured balloons were released into the sunny evening sky
180. sleep (slaap) :: She rolled to face the door rubbing sleep from her eyes with one loose fist

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