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141. popular (gewilde) :: The Nomads played at the club on Thursday and proved very popular with the membership
142. population (bevolking) :: Its appraisal centres on Europes working population decline
143. port (hawe) :: Cape Town is a working port but the waterfront area is one of the citys major attractions evidenced by the profusion of shops bars and restaurants there
144. pose (inhou) :: These men were happy to pose for a photographer and to be identified as soldiers of fortune
145. position (posisie) :: For his part Okalik said his position on the human rights law remains unchanged
146. positive (positiewe) :: My bets are on number three to win and Im almost positive that she will
147. possess (besit) :: Although different students possess varying degrees of expertise as writers most will have something to contribute to such discussions
148. possession (besit) :: The possession of vast territory raw physical resources and brute power guarantees neither prosperity nor peace
149. possibility (moontlikheid) :: Because of his actions he knows there can be no possibility of reconciliation
150. possible (moontlik) :: Well here we just keep things simple a great quality product at the lowest possible price
151. possibly (moontlik) :: Nothing I could feel no bewilderment or fright could possibly match theirs
152. post (Post) :: she was opening her post
153. post office (poskantoor) ::
155. potato (aartappel) :: The main agricultural products are grains sugar beet and potatoes
156. potential (potensiaal) :: Additionally rarely will a new potential customer buy on the first visit
157. pound (pond) :: Using your pestle and mortar you want to pound the garlic with a little pinch of salt along with the basil leaves
158. pour (gooi) :: It also coincided with a deterioration in the weather when the rain poured down
159. powder (poeier) :: crush the poppy seeds to a powder
160. power (krag) :: It likes to trumpet its all out speed while ignoring the 130 watts of power and size of the beast

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