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141. broadcast (uitsending) :: broadcast assistant
143. broken (gebroke) :: The Christian family speaks broken Hindi and girls in the family dress up in the way that leaves you wondering why at all
144. brother (broer) :: The guy with the shaved head is pretending to fight with his fraternity brother
145. brown (bruin) :: Naila looked down to see she also wore a simple dress but in brown
146. brush (kwas) :: The flycatcher was seen lurking in the low brush bordering a secluded pond
147. bubble (borrel) :: It was getting harder for the little man to maintain his bubble of safety but he fought on
148. budget (begroting) :: Take a look at some of the bigger items of expenditure in your budget
149. build (bou) :: Tranzit Group reports a high degree of satisfaction with both the Volvo components and the designline build
150. building (gebou) :: Afterwards it will be bulldozed and the sand used as building material
152. bunch (n klomp) :: I want to take the money that I earn and get a bunch of doctors together three times a year and have them all do a round table and talk about what theyve learned
153. burn (brand) :: A second burn was due to take place at 18 17 CEST lasting only a few seconds
154. burnt (verbrand) ::
155. burst (bars) :: Suddenly she burst into the room skidding into the first empty desk she saw
156. bury (begrawe) :: Each stone was taken to a different area outside the jungle the tribe lived in and were buried in the ground
158. bush (bos) :: For day after day south of Marzuk we saw nothing but stony wastes and sand dunes with never a blade of grass or bush to relieve the aridity
159. business (besigheid) :: He believed it would have an adverse affect on business and trade in the community

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