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121. fortune (fortuin) :: Before the war he had been left a substantial fortune by his father
122. forty (veertig) :: I read forty of the stories
123. forward (vorentoe) :: I looked up and saw the huge hull of a docked superfreighter quickly filling my forward view
124. found (gevind) :: In this theyre denying both the evidence that our justice system does make mistakes and the very principles it is founded on
125. foundation (fondament) :: The material provides a foundation for critical analysis
126. four (vier) :: I read four of the stories
127. fourteen (veertien) :: Ill call thirteen or fourteen more
128. fourth (vierde) :: It was the schools first BC title since 1984 when the colleges cagers finished fourth at the Canadians
129. frame (raam) :: Just then there was a knock on the door and a tall frame entered
130. free (vry) :: Lord Prossers recent retirement has left him free to air his opinions
131. freedom (vryheid) :: The goal for her is to be able to gain enough freedom of movement so that she can throw her feet up to the left and away from the attackers body
132. freely (vrylik) :: It all seems a far cry from 1994 when he was appointed to the position of group managing director in an industry which he freely admits he knew nothing at all about
133. freeze (vries) :: The government can freeze assets or proscribe groups if a UN Security Council freezing order has been issued
134. frequent (gereelde) :: Once I considered frequent nursing to be the norm rather than a problem it made my life much easier
135. frequently (gereeld) :: they go abroad frequently
136. fresh (vars) :: Easily accessible this tourist area is noted for its beauty and cool fresh mountain air
139. fridge (yskas) :: Experts estimate the number of fridges being safely treated in Greater Manchester has finally caught up with the number being dumped
140. friend (vriend) :: It feels like Im making a penny a day at the moment and thats certainly not easy to live off of my friend

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