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101. folding (vou) :: folding table
102. follow (volg) :: Most people follow a subsistence way of life growing food mainly for their own needs with little left over
103. following (volgende) :: The problems experienced by or with each item of Cold End Equipment included the following
104. food (kos) :: Evan looked over Logans plate and started eating the food on the plate
105. foot (voet) :: a captain of foot
106. football (sokker) :: intercounty football
107. for (vir) :: Aileen is proud of her family for their support
108. force (krag) :: The 2000strong police and military force arrived in the Solomons two weeks ago
109. forecast (voorspelling) :: The storm was forecasted to go west from Lauderdale Pompano Beach area
110. foreign (buitelandse) :: Often students are barely able to use their mothertongue but yet they are still forced to try to use the foreign language of English
111. forest (bos) :: The First half was made mostly of a dense forest trees covering any view of the bottom
112. forever (vir ewig) :: the meeting went on forever
113. forget (vergeet) :: I know there are the people who will say just forget about it its not worth it
114. forgive (vergewe) :: He asked Russians to forgive him for his mistakes and failing to realize their dreams after the fall of the Soviet Union
115. fork (vurk) :: For now though its just an oncoming fork in the road nothing I can do about it as the entire process is entirely out of my hands
116. form (vorm) :: human form
117. formal (formele) :: Mark mentally brushed up on the formal dinner etiquette he had learned at the various classes his parents had forced him to go to
118. former (voormalige) :: If we are successful we can begin to restore this once majestic ancient woodland to its former glory
119. formerly (voorheen) :: Gibson who formerly worked in both private and public sector health care sees some signs of change
120. formula (formule) :: I was able to find an excellent natural herbal formula by a company in Bangalore The Himalaya Drug Company

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