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101. directly (direk) :: The apartment came with a 16 ft thoroughly private garden looking directly over the ocean
102. director (direkteur) :: Most VCs will want to be able to nominate a director to the board of the company in which they invest
103. dirt (vuil) :: Pittsburgh used to be renowned for the sweat and dirt of industry
104. dirty (vuil) :: Yes to compound our sickness we picked some dirty weather
105. disabled (gestremde) :: It provides technology to make facilities programs and activities usable for disabled workers at no cost to the requesting organization
106. disadvantage (nadeel) :: In sum the main minorities in the US represent significant socioeconomic disadvantage in comparison with the majority
107. disagree (verskil) :: Len Wallace respected all opinions even while disagreeing and he was always honest focused and principled
108. disagreement (onenigheid) :: In any democracy as in any blog its helpful and fun to have disagreements
109. disappear (verdwyn) :: There is growing evidence that what central control of them existed has now disappeared and we are back to local fiefdoms doing their own sectarian things
110. disappoint (teleurstel) :: It is no concern of the author that their readers might attempt to replicate a way of life that does not exist or be disappointed when they fail to do so
111. disappointed (teleurgesteld) :: After searching the length and breadth of the place I was disappointedly unable to find what I wanted due to having very little to choose from
112. disappointing (teleurstellende) :: Not many moments of real dramatic gravity disappointingly
113. disappointment (teleurstelling) :: the job proved a disappointment
114. disapproval (afkeuring) :: Perhaps because it made him indignant and he wanted to express his disapproval to the world
115. disapprove (afkeur) :: Even for trivial requests like days off my manager thought that it was his job to approve or disapprove the request
117. disaster (ramp) :: Facing a disaster of such magnitude understandably the government was unprepared and initially lost touch
118. disc (skyf) :: the smudged yellow disc of the moon
119. discipline (dissipline) :: It must thus be proper to punish the parents by calling them from work so they can discipline their child to ensure compliance with the code of conduct of the school
120. discount (afslag) :: Only discount coupons were used in promotions with business partners or for residents she added

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