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81. remain (bly) :: It amazed her how he continued to stay with her and remained in love with her
84. remark (opmerking) :: Observers have remarked on the odd love Canadians have for the game of hockey
85. remarkable (merkwaardige) :: That was part of his importance and remarkableness
86. remember (onthou) :: If you dont believe me ask yourself whom you remember most fondly from your childhood
87. remind (herinner) :: I cant even begin to do it justice except to say that it reminds me why I fell in love with animation in the first place
88. remote (afgeleƫ) :: In the near future with this type of system users would not know whether they controlled a remote microscope or a virtual microscope
89. removal (verwydering) :: We received little help with finding new homes and the removal expenses we received rarely covered our costs
90. remove (verwyder) :: Often its as simple as damp mopping with a solution of ammonia and water and rinsing to remove oils makeup or other substances
91. rent (huur) :: The recreation department also plans to rent the equipment out to groups around town
93. repair (herstel) :: I have to operate the machinery to understand how to repair it
94. repeat (herhaling) :: Mark had to repeat first and second grades
95. repeated (herhaal) :: Kreuger made money from money offering hefty dividends to attract investors to the repeated share offerings from his companies
96. replace (vervang) :: The saving of Margaret replaces or substitutes for the saving of the working classParliaments rejection of the Charter
97. reply (antwoord) :: he was gone before we could reply to his last remark
98. report (verslag) :: audit report
99. represent (verteenwoordig) :: Once at their table Agee describes the colors and the tastes textures and odors of the food claiming that these things represent the physical embodiment of home
100. representative (verteenwoordiger) :: As the representative body of the British Jewish community we have received a number of complaints about it from Jewish people in many parts of the world

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