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81. determined (bepaal) :: Now Union armies are massing in Eastern Tennessee in a determined effort to cut the South in two
82. develop (ontwikkel) :: As these countries develop an influx of global food retailers is likely to relegate peanuts to the role of a cash crop to produce ground nut oil
83. development (ontwikkeling) :: We do have a new development now in the situation at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem
84. device (toestel) :: Yet isnt prosopopeia a rhetorical device that is found as a matter of course in all poetry
85. devote (wy) :: The best chef in the country told me I had a talent and that I could work in his restaurant any time said Claire who had been unsure about devoting her life to cooking until Ramsay sang her praises
86. devoted (toegewyde) :: Through 21 years she was a loving wife and devoted partner
88. diamond (diamant) :: Its body rocked slightly with the force of the faerys movement its black marbled eyes boring into Peter with all the intensity of a diamond tipped drill
89. diary (dagboek) :: His diary records the belief that the British would easily defeat the Japanese
90. dictionary (woordeboek) :: I keep turning to the dictionary and the thesaurus not for a reference simply to read words at random
91. die (sterf) :: In the sealing module seal grids can be snapped in and out of the sealinggrid die to change the shape of the package seal
92. diet (dieet) :: If she stayed she would be assigned a steady diet of deportation orders from the criminal division to defend
93. difference (verskil) :: you wouldnt notice the difference
94. different (verskillende) :: This is very different from the way in which domestic machines were received in the past
95. difficult (moeilik) :: He has succeeded in showing us that he is a difficult man but that needed no great mastery
96. difficulty (moeite) :: I regarded him as an honest and sensible witness and have no difficulty in believing what he told me
97. dig (grawe) :: He didnt seem to mind making cracks likely to earn him a dig in the ribs from his fiance Chanelle whom he subsequently married
98. dinner (aandete) :: The new branch will be holding a range of social events including a special dinner
99. direct (direkte) :: They need light but avoid direct sunlight as they may get scorched
100. direction (rigting) :: Some trends may be apparent but other changes may occur which may contradict the general direction of the trend

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