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61. regret (spyt) :: He expresses bitter regret at the lives he has destroyed but admits he will never stop abusing and claims he is always relieved when the police catch up with him
62. regular (gereelde) :: regular clergy
63. regularly (gereeld) :: space your plant regularly
64. regulation (regulasie) :: But how should the process of regulation be managed
65. reject (verwerp) :: Would people reject me just because Im too pale my nose is too long and my hair too light
66. relate (verband) :: Other students related similar accounts of having witnessed bullying or having been bullied by college teachers
67. related (verwante) :: Associations between social relatedness and similarities in selected behavioral traits were also examined
68. relation (verhouding) :: In addition symbolic beliefs did not mediate the relation between prior contact and attitudes for either group
69. relationship (verhouding) :: Contracts are recommended as the basis for the relationship between growers and marketers
70. relative (relatiewe) :: No mention was made as to the relative proportion of male versus female students at the two universities
71. relatively (relatief) :: Relatively speaking Antarticas hot
72. relax (ontspan) :: The reason for that is that adrenalin will smooth or relax the muscles in the lungs
73. relaxed (ontspanne) :: Of course the first prerequisite is to have a flexible and relaxed body
75. release (vrylating) :: to release a bird from a cage
77. relief (verligting) :: relief team
78. religion (godsdiens) :: On the other they say religion has little power to bring peace and harmony to the world
79. religious (godsdienstige) :: Further among married couples and those with children religious beliefs and practices hold increased levels of significance
80. rely (staatmaak) :: It is impossible to grasp them in full by relying on a single specific example

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