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41. text (teks) :: Based on a translation by Aravnidakshan it will be an independent interpretation of the original text in Malayalam
42. than (as) :: Site owners with a primary language other than English need efficient English copy writers and editors
43. thank (dankie) :: He also thanked the many people who drove him around the area to visit various places
44. thanks (dankie) :: festivals were held to give thanks for the harvest
46. that (daardie) :: it was there that I saw them
47. the (die) :: he taught himself to play the violin
49. their (hulle) :: their car is worth more than ours
50. theirs (hulle s'n) :: Many are in a rush to damn him for a past crime when so many others in football and public life have been forgiven theirs
51. them (hulle) :: Many of them feel excluded from a number of opportunities that the rest of us take for granted
52. theme (tema) :: But death has been a really important theme in human literature
53. themselves (hulself) :: theyll hurt themselves
54. then (dan) :: Ill come before then
55. theory (teorie) :: My theory of course is that these were all written by one person using various pseudonyms
56. there (daar) :: leave it in there
57. therefore (daarom) :: It is therefore a surprise to read some of the comments made at last Mondays meeting
58. they (hulle) :: they were teachers
59. thick (dik) :: The rich thick forest cover around the Etna region is an added attraction to the tourists

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