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41. matter (saak) :: When ionizing radiations pass through matter energy is deposited in the material concerned
42. maximum (maksimum) :: This is a man who routinely plays the bare minimum 15 events on the PGA Tour so that he can spend the maximum amount of time at home with his wife and three children
43. May (mag) :: are you afraid I may burn my fingers
44. maybe (kan wees) :: Does he ever wonder if maybe by now he should have grown out of his grand obsession with football
45. mayor (burgemeester) :: Since then a succession of mayors city councils and police chiefs have upheld the policy
46. meal (maaltyd) :: That dedication allows AGP to be a lowcost supplier to industry users of soybean oil and meal
47. mean (beteken) :: I didnt want to be mean to Jes but Morgan had taken over
48. meaning (wat beteken) :: shes puzzled by the poems meaning
50. meanwhile (Intussen) :: This isnt actually scheduled to go to trial until February 14 next year but in the meanwhile Intergraph seems to be getting the best of the skirmishing
51. measure (meet) :: the states retain a large measure of independence
52. measurement (meting) :: As many as eight spots on the home page change each week in response to measurements of consumer interest
53. meat (vleis) :: They had bread fruits meat butter water milk and even some cake
55. medical (medies) :: The wards which had to be closed were a mixture of general medical wards orthopaedic and a stroke ward
56. medicine (medisyne) :: Compared to the natural sciences and medicine psychology is a relatively new field
58. meet (Ontmoet) :: However the best event of the meet was reserved for three in the morning
59. meeting (vergadering) :: The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the setup of a local Farmers Market planned for the near future
60. melt (smelt) :: This is too long to preserve small bodies of melt in the crust and suggests that the scenario is appropriate to neither the Waipiata nor the western Hungarian field

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