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42. govern (regeer) :: A policy governing the allocation of space for buses and taxis at councilowned ranks around Johannesburg has been approved after a series of consultative workshops
43. government (regering) :: One of the immediate tasks of a new government and the international community will be bringing war criminals to justice
44. governor (goewerneur) :: Congress would initially appoint a governor and other officials for each future state
45. grab (gryp) :: Elsewhere removal of tripping hazards installing grab bars and living on a single floor all help
46. grade (graad) :: Road construction has changed the hill grade from 115 per cent to eight
47. gradual (geleidelike) :: The lights went up slowly in a gradual buildup that didnt hurt the eyes
49. grain (graan) :: At times they eat arthropods seeds and grain but they are more carnivorous than crows
51. grammar (grammatika) :: All journalists I know correct a bit of bad grammar in an occasional quote out of courtesy to the source and reader
53. grandchild (kleinkind) :: Mr Davies is divorced with a son daughter and four grandchildren who he has never met
54. granddaughter (kleindogter) :: With that said I think Ill stop right here and take in lunch and a movie with my daughter and granddaughters
55. grandfather (oupa) :: Current members will be grandfathered in regardless of rating
56. grandmother (ouma) :: She has that annoying grandmotherly ability to comfort a baby just by entering the room
57. grandparent (grootouer) :: All children were taught to be respectful to their parents and grandparents
58. grandson (kleinseun) :: In fact I became a lot dafter as did my husband and we like doing silly things with our grandsons
59. grant (verleen) :: we had to recommend the grant or refusal of broadcasting licenses
60. grass (gras) :: Feeling his strength renewed he cast aside his staff and walked steadily upon lush green grass

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