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41. adapt (aanpas) :: TS Moorhouse blamed part of the problem on motorists who failed to adapt to the conditions
42. add (voeg) :: Heat the butter and gently fry the onion until soft then increase the heat and add the rice stirring well
43. addition (Daarbenewens) :: The only way is up addition works in three dimensions but what about multiplication
44. additional (addisionele) :: any additional comments
45. address (adres) :: Apparently he now lives at an address in Sheffield news to him
46. adequate (voldoende) :: We concentrated on the failure of the trust to give the school fair treatment and adequate support
47. adjust (pas) :: She was immediately sent to New York taking her vows in Tarrytown and quickly adjusted to religious life
48. admiration (bewondering) :: I must express my sympathy for his situation and respect and admiration for his courage
49. admire (bewonder) :: Presumably as a teacher of law he admires and respects such contracts and declarations
50. admit (erken) :: There is a difference between refusing to admit evidence and not reading it at all
51. adopt (neem) :: Assuming an effective role as mediator in the region the group might be able to adopt a position where it could exert a highly positive influence over the future of the region for a long time to come
52. adult (volwasse) :: I can recall looking at the preserved reproductive tracts of several hundred Victorian foxes and noting that few adult firstyear animals had produced young
53. advance (bevorder) :: For those whove asked for advance notice Ill be on the Lehrer News Hour Tuesday evening
54. advanced (gevorderde) :: Westerhof who will manage the development said plans are at an advanced stage
55. advantage (voordeel) :: However even under these conditions cells with flagella have a mating advantage over aflagellate cells in the population
56. adventure (avontuur) :: a sense of adventure
57. advert (advertensie) :: If viewers could rate adverts they like perhaps the insulting ones would quickly get weeded out
58. advertise (adverteer) :: Its about reaching of the widest possible audience we can to advertise our products and services
59. advertisement (advertensie) :: Our public service advertisements continue to appear in national magazines
60. advertising (advertensies) :: The site is engaged in fully protected speech not commercial advertising or nonspeech conduct

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