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22. wave (golf) :: But for today you wave a sad farewell as it floats back off into the night sky
23. way (manier) :: Its not very well signposted and we lost our way trying to reach it but the hunt was well worth while
24. weak (swak) :: Mold can be cleaned off surfaces with a weak bleach solution
25. weakness (swakheid) :: This resulted in several longrange attacks which spotted defensive weakness and exploited it
26. wealth (rykdom) :: She shares our vision and aspirations for this unique venture and brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the project
27. weapon (wapen) :: Both sides were assumed to be using nuclear weapons and to be about equal in strength
28. wear (dra) :: Our academics have won prizes for their work on Maori but it is my guess that much of their work wont wear well over time
29. weather (weer) :: stone walls provide shelter from wind and weather
31. website (webwerf) :: They can also check websites for updates and search for relevant news stories
32. wedding (troue) :: Normal lives are a patchwork of work leisure holidays weddings and other life events
35. weekend (naweek) :: I spent many weekends there in my early twenties vising a boyfriend and a friend from school
36. weigh (weeg) :: Many industries developed their own very specific scales designed to weigh particular items
37. weight (gewig) :: as he came upstairs the boards creaked under his weight
38. welcome (welkom) :: His Heathrow welcome would have pleased either Michael Jackson or Princess Di
39. well (goed) :: Here was a woman who had done her best to raise her family well in difficult circumstances

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