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21. victory (oorwinning) :: We will win victories we cannot now imagine and live through shattering defeats
23. view (beskou) :: we did our best to keep the car in view
24. village (dorpie) :: In rural areas villages are often composed of kin groups that offer support during difficult times
25. violence (geweld) :: domestic violence against women
26. violent (gewelddadige) :: What would make them turn to such violent and destructive actions to destroy their own country
28. virtually (amper) :: The building was virtually destroyed in the blaze which broke out late on Saturday night
30. visible (sigbaar) :: She hasnt got a bad back or broken leg or some other easily visible form of injury
31. vision (visie) :: Just last night it was a vision of beauty awaiting Santas arrival
32. visit (besoek) :: If you want a intensely good view of the action go pay him a visit
33. visitor (besoeker) :: From time to time we discover an unexpected visitor or we notice a change in our usual population
34. vital (noodsaaklik) :: This procedure uses artificial extracorporeal circulation to provide oxygenated blood to vital organs while the heart is stopped
35. vocabulary (woordeskat) :: We try to keep their intensity and power alive as we learn the violent vocabulary of citizenship
36. voice (stem) :: What took me completely by surprise was that it was me my voice in my mouth
38. vote (stem) :: Heres a tip when someone starts whining about wanting to be voted out vote him out

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