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21. manufacture (vervaardiging) :: But in these days of Robots and Computeraided manufacture rather than slave labour it should be a whole lot more reliable
22. manufacturer (vervaardiger) :: tyre manufacturer
24. many (baie) :: From the point of view of the individual trial by jury is a good thing for many reasons
25. map (kaart) :: an electron density map
26. March (Maart) :: Hundreds of victims of Britains Abomb tests are to march on Parliament today in what they say is their best chance ever to secure compensation
27. mark (merk) :: he fingered the photograph gently careful not to mark it
28. market (mark) :: Smart architects leverage the brand name of quality products to market their homes
29. marketing (bemarking) :: For services it is easier because location or marketing can be a source of advantage
30. marriage (huwelik) :: He then discusses marriage vows the history of divorce and modern reinterpretations
31. married (getroud) :: More than three in five of married people said they preferred to go on a UK trip with their partner as opposed to their friends
32. marry (trou) :: Likewise a lower caste will rarely marry his son or daughter to a person belonging to another caste
33. mass (massa) :: Therefore we oppose the establishment parties which have increasingly distanced themselves from the mass of the population
34. massive (massiewe) :: Sadly that was no use to my beloved mother who died recently in Scotland from a massive heart attack while on a waiting list for heart surgery
35. master (meester) :: Higher education is defined as involving programs that award bachelors master s or doctorate degrees
36. match (wedstryd) :: hurling match
39. material (materiaal) :: marketing material
40. mathematics (wiskunde) :: This question is a perfect example of a problem in the branch of mathematics known as information theory

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