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21. capable (staat) :: He was in fact a highly capable student and so was well able to complete his tasks ahead of others
22. capacity (kapasiteit) :: The bulb would get progressively dimmer and finally go out once the capacitor reached its capacity
23. capital (hoofstad) :: Reports say that the Essonne region south of the capital and the southwestern city of Toulouse are the latest to be affected
24. captain (kaptein) :: He is a captain in the US Naval Reserve and a P3C Orion pilot
25. capture (vang) :: Units of the Polish underground Home Army which had assisted in the citys capture were arrested and in part deported
26. car (voertuig) :: he was in the lift when the car stuck
28. cardboard (karton) :: Last week I left several glass wine bottles in my green bin along with paper and cardboard
29. care (sorg) :: These are the best days of training with good friends and without a care in the world
30. career (beroep) :: You decide to take on new opportunities that enhance your career
31. careful (versigtig) :: They were careful to make sure Robinsons helmet and feet did not contact the fragile ship
32. careless (sorgelose) :: She gave her head a careless shake and as a result very nearly pitched herself off her seat
33. carpet (mat) :: The insects are forming thick clouds near the ground and they carpet the inside of the car when the doors are cracked open
34. carrot (wortel) :: carrot cake
35. carry (dra) :: they carry all the blame
36. case (geval) :: It was the biggest mistake she ever made because from then on Id just pack the case and wed be off again
37. cash (kontant) :: The Group remains in a negative cashflow position as it used its available cash to finance capital expenditure and retire debt
38. cast (gooi) :: individuals who do not accept the norms are cast out from the group
39. castle (kasteel) :: Also he would like to clear the back rank before he castles to give his Rooks greater maneuverability
40. cat (kat) :: The Jaguar is the largest cat native to the Western Hemisphere

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