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361. supermarket (supermark) :: In this novel hippies pretend to live off the land even as they shop at supermarkets and eat at diners
362. supply (toevoer) :: The nations current work force of scientific and technological specialists is unable to supply the pressing demand
363. support (ondersteuning) :: shes been through a bad time and needs our support
364. supporter (ondersteuner) :: In this type of movement we can also learn how to relate to supporters of other left wing parties
365. suppose (veronderstel) :: Im quite a good actress I suppose
366. sure (seker) :: My brothers Jeep was in the driveway a sure sign for destruction
367. surely (sekerlik) :: He had been warned twice it is true for running onto the pitch but it would surely have been worthwhile risking him
368. surface (oppervlak) :: Although they are rather tough the bulk of the plant is limited to the water surface
369. surname (Van) :: A little over 10 years ago this island was rented by two brothers surnamed Yang from Xiangshan County
370. surprise (verras) :: Then watch in fear surprise and alarm as the local copper enters the tunnel at the other end on his pushbike
371. surprised (verbaas) ::
372. surprising (verbasend) :: surprising results
375. surroundings (omgewing) :: I took up the time admiring my surroundings
376. survey (opname) :: In a national telephone survey of 1000 US adults 105 participants reported that they suffer from severe headaches
377. survive (oorleef) :: Two of the old soldiers saw fit to advise me on how to survive my approaching ordeal
378. suspect (verdagte) :: Police suspect there are one or more groups of robbers operating in the area
379. suspicion (agterdog) :: It shows no great sense of sportsmanship but rather invokes a suspicion of envy of some kind
380. suspicious (verdagte) :: Im almost always suspicious of handmedown wisdom and irritated by stock phrases like this

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