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301. crown (kroon) :: the crown of the hill
302. crucial (noodsaaklik) :: Insight understanding and enjoyment are the keys to making newspapers crucial
303. cruel (wrede) :: But I cant for the life of me understand why anyone would wish to be cruel to another living creature
304. crush (drukgang) :: He said other staff warned the teacher that the youth might have a crush on her which should have been a warning sign but she became more attracted to him
305. cry (geroep) :: He started to cry tears of bitterness and regret for a past he couldnt change for the love he needed taken from him so many times
306. cultural (kulturele) :: Some of us saw this new cultural context coming but we are all finally surprised by it
307. culture (kultuur) :: Music was a vital part of human culture long before anyone was able to mass reproduce and sell recordings of it
308. cup (koppie) :: Billy gives the silver cup to his older sisters and the gold cup to his younger sister just as promised
309. cupboard (kas) :: I got out of the shower and searched the bathroom cupboards
310. curb (randsteen) :: And then the female grabbed my right arm and dragged me across the street and up the curb
311. cure (kuur) :: It is our goal to find treatments and possibly a cure for this rare lifethreatening disease that robs children of their adulthood
312. curious (nuuskierig) :: Even if we were not plagued by these curious and unusual defects of English Paul would still be hard to understand
313. curl (krul) :: Unfortunately while we might be prepared to complain about deficiencies in our own immediate locality when we see a mess further afield we tend to pass it by with a curl of the lip
314. curly (krullerige) :: I was leaning on him resting my chin on his shoulder his curly grey hair tickling my ear
315. current (huidige) :: When a current flows through a wire a circular magnetic field is created around it
316. currently (tans) :: the price is currently at a premium
317. curtain (gordyn) :: Butterflies flew through everyones stomachs as the curtain rose on the stage

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