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181. presentation (voorlegging) :: A large crowd attended the presentation of prizes and the social evening
182. preserve (bewaar) :: They used to be the preserve of academics but now rare books are going online says John Sutherland
184. press (pers) :: At the press briefing a reporter asked whether this would mean that lenders would start limiting the number of credit cards issued to customers
185. pressure (druk) :: Users can select the contact pressure position separation rate and test duration
186. presumably (vermoedelik) :: Since this film is being made in Hollywood presumably its main audience will be American
187. pretend (voorgee) :: Not that Ill be wiping pretend crude oil off pretend sea gulls you understand
188. pretty (mooi) :: Except for when they told her she was pretty and could attract any guy she wanted
189. prevent (voorkom) :: Worsening eyesight prevents her from seeing the screen easily and lately she has been reading with the aid of a magnifying glass
190. previous (vorige) :: look at the previous page
191. price (prys) :: a wide selection of tools varying in price
192. pride (trots) :: Everyone in this facility yields to the seven deadly sins especially pride and vanity
193. priest (priester) :: Finished coracles are also delivered complete with a handcrafted priest or knocker used to humanely kill caught fish as a reminder that you are purchasing a historical fishing craft rather than a recreational toy
194. primarily (hoofsaaklik) :: He said the car which he hired back to the company was primarily used by himself but also by others
195. primary (primêre) :: The tosylactivated beads form covalent bonds with any available primary amino or sulfhydryl groups
196. prime minister (eerste Minister) ::
197. prince (prins) :: Uneasy relations between the prince and his father lasted until Henry IVs death in 1413
198. princess (prinses) :: The grounds contain the remains of Elsynge Hall one of Henry VIIIs many hunting lodges and a favourite childhood residence of the young princess Elizabeth
199. principle (beginsel) :: It seems that in situations such as this politics become incompatible with conscience principle decency and selfrespect
200. print (druk) :: I dont doubt that the Times reporters get up in the morning and as I do look to see whether a favorite rumor has made it into print or on the air

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