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onvanpas, ongeskik, onbehoorlike, onverdienstelike, onwaardig, onnauwkeurig, onakkurate, uit plek uit, ongelukkig gekies, onwaar, strydig, onversoenbare, irrasionele, onsamehangende, onwaarskynlik

Inappropriate    :onvanpas


Inappropriate - onvanpas

Inappropriately :: onbehoorlik

Inappropriateness :: onvanpas


Related Words


1. unsuitable :: ongeskik

2. unfitting :: onvanpas

3. unseemly :: onbehoorlike

4. unbecoming :: onbetaamlike

5. unbefitting :: onvanpas

6. improper :: onbehoorlike

7. impolite :: ongeskik

8. incongruous :: onvanpas

9. out of place/keeping ::

10. inapposite :: onvanpas

11. inapt :: onbekwaam

12. infelicitous :: ongelukkig gekies

13. ill-suited :: onvanpas

14. ill-judged :: onverstandige

15. ill-advised :: onverstandige

16. out of order/line ::

17. malapropos :: inopportuun


1. appropriate :: toepaslike

2. becoming :: besig om

3. correct :: korrekte

4. decorous :: welvoeglijk

5. felicitous :: gelukkige

6. fit :: pas

7. fitting :: pas

8. genteel :: deftig

9. happy :: gelukkig

10. meet :: Ontmoet

11. proper :: behoorlike

12. right :: reg

13. seemly :: betaamlik

14. suitable :: geskik

Different forms

inappropriate, inappropriately, inappropriateness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: inappropriate
Meaning and definitions of inappropriate, translation in Afrikaans language for inappropriate with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of inappropriate in Afrikaans and in English language.

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