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Demotic :
- Demoties

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Noun(1) a simplified cursive form of the ancient hieratic script(2) the modern Greek vernacular
Adjective(1) of or written in or belonging to the form of modern Greek based on colloquial use(2) of or for the common people

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(1) The demotic form of the encyclopedia poem is the scrapbook.(2) There, around a campfire, his boyhood games of piracy and Robin Hood met the tall tale and the demotic idiom.(3) I sat beside him, silently watching as he scribbled the little symbols of demotic down.(4) It not only meant seeking ways to bridge the chasm between dance and theatre, but also to resolve the divide between high and low art, the refined and the demotic .(5) The demotic and the democratic voices are the same.(6) The last form was called demotic - or running script by some.(7) He, of course, would say that this is conversational and demotic .(8) The stone, as you probably know, is inscribed with three forms of writing: Greek, hieroglyphic, and a less ornate, demotic form of Egyptian.(9) Then he established that demotic was a still more abridged cursive form of the hieroglyphics and was generally governed by the same rules.(10) One of the things that you can do in culture, and specifically poetic discourse, is bring what's allegedly high philosophic discourse to bump up against the demotic , or everyday kind of speech.(11) Handwriting and handwritten documents have become as a result increasingly demotic and spelling and grammar in personal letters appear to be increasingly seen as personal matters.(12) The last datable examples of ancient Egyptian writing are found on the island of Philae, where a hieroglyphic temple inscription was carved in AD 394 and where a piece of demotic graffiti has been dated to 450 AD.(13) Brooklyn belongs to a genre characterized by less sophistication, less complex melody and harmony, more demotic language, looser rhyming, in-your-face attitudes, and rampant reiteration.(14) The uppermost is written in hieroglyphics; the second in what is now called demotic , the common script of ancient Egypt; and the third in Greek.(15) Other wordplay directed humorously is less successful: the author mixes highly esoteric words with the demotic in a way that unintentionally sets up the more casual phrases to disappoint the reader.(16) But rather than any symbology, it is the demotic , arbitrary nature of Miro's creativity, and the sense it creates of a violent stripping away, that is most impressive.
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2. vernacular ::
3. colloquial ::
4. idiomatic ::
5. vulgar ::
6. common ::
7. informal ::
8. everyday ::
elke dag
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