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1. Architect (argitek) :: As architects continue to design buildings with large amounts of glass the problems of keeping it clean become paramount
2. Archivist (argivaris) :: Catalog records are most often produced by trained catalogers or archivists
3. Arduous (moeilike) :: Her latest solo record bid is probably the most hazardous and arduous challenge that she has faced
4. Carpenter (timmerman) :: One house is constructed by professional carpenters another by relatives
5. Chief (hoof) :: You had met with their chief science adviser who is under US custody right now
6. Consultant (konsultant) :: Arlington denied Liam Lawlor offered to act as a consultant and said no money was paid to him
7. Creative (kreatiewe) :: I had wanted to do more creative writing but I had not been able to organise myself to find the time
8. Diary (dagboek) :: His diary records the belief that the British would easily defeat the Japanese
9. Experienced (ervaar) :: He is also an experienced competitor on this stage suggesting he would be tough to overcome
10. File (lĂȘer) :: to file the edge smooth
11. Manual (handleiding) :: This window provides manual control of the telescope and any attached peripherals such as a filter wheel or dome control
12. Midwife (vroedvrou) :: There are health clinics staffed by nurse midwives in rural areas
13. Overtime (oortyd) :: Alvin says he now works overtime to keep his grades up
14. Pay (betaal) :: If you kill someone you must pay with your own life no matter what the cause
15. Placement (plasing) :: Employees can take this leave upon the birth or adoption of a child or the placement of a foster child
16. Receptionist (ontvangsdame) :: After just one week here one of our receptionists has said that she wants to do a front office course
17. Retrench (afdank) :: With companies retrenching and investment falling the US is relying on the highspending habits of consumers to keep recession at bay
18. Sabbatical (sabbatsverlof) :: What makes the eschatobogical future available is Gods sabbatical celebration which has been taking place since the foundation of the world
19. Seasonal (seisoenale) :: The findings further help conservationists to understand how nature is responding to the new seasonal changes
20. Sportswoman (sportvrou) :: Politicians writers sportswomen actors and personalities have all contributed footwear to the auction
21. Unemployed (werkloos) :: the longterm unemployed
22. Unfinished (onvoltooide) :: The statue like the London version appears to be unfinished
23. Vocational (professionele) :: Business leaders gave a broad welcome to the proposals for putting vocational training on a more equal footing with academic subjects
24. Voluntary (vrywillige) :: It attacks motor neurones in the spinal cord and lower brain which transmit signals from the brain to the voluntary muscles throughout the body

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