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1. Arch (boog) :: Under the arch of her eyebrows her wide brown eyes glowed with their vague hint of secrecy their quiet incandescence
2. Bias (vooroordeel) :: This follows from the charges of for example bias in favour of panel members departments and inconsistency across subject areas
3. Cog (rat) :: Assuming the gear size is the same is the 5323 more efficient because the chain is on a larger tooth cog
4. Constant (konstante) :: And from a total of 33 constant friends only half a dozen are bosom buddies
5. Construction (konstruksie) :: The barn was a wooden construction with a corrugated iron roof and only a wide opening for a door
6. Deactivate (deaktiveer) :: Some approaches include a killed vaccine which means deactivating the virus so it can do no harm
7. Electrode (elektrode) :: At this point the question arises as to what the alligatorshaped electrodes measure
8. Electromagnetic (elektromagnetiese) :: At present physicists measure time electromagnetically
9. Electromagnetism (elektromagnetisme) :: The sense of achievement and closure for theoretical physics that came with the brilliant success of the classical field theory of electromagnetism was short lived
10. Electron (elektron) :: Nucleons like to pair up and form a shell structure just as electrons do in atoms
11. Electronic (elektroniese) :: Schmidt sees a huge challenge in trying to understand the interdependencies that exist where electronic networks interface with the physical world
12. Electronics (elektronika) :: Indonesian workers are not yet familiar with computers and electronics
13. Expand (uit te brei) :: There is a tremendous sense of the city expanding and prospering
14. Filtrate (filtraat) :: It bubbles up from a great depth and is naturally filtrated then bottled and hermetically sealed in 19litre containers
15. Gearing (hefboomfinansiering) :: The allmechanical system transfers torque via the friction developed within the internal gearing and does not require wheel slip to function
16. Jam (konfyt) :: he had the opportunity to jam with Atlanta blues musicians
17. Microwave (mikrogolf) :: The damp spinach can be microwaved without adding additional water
18. Nuclear (kern) :: Well look at whether this country is doing enough and spending enough to prepare for a nuclear attack
19. Nucleus (kern) :: The Manchester centre is the nucleus of a hitech surveillance system and features an 18metre monitor wall that can display up to 180 highresolution images
20. Overhaul (opknapping) :: They can only be honestly confronted by a thorough overhaul of the system the minister will be asked to control
21. Pivot (spilpunt) :: Now we all realise exactly how much she meant to us all a solid pivot of family and cheer
22. Precipitate (neerslag) :: The modest falloff which ensued was followed by a more precipitate decline in World War I the result of a cut in mine production occasioned by labour shortages
23. Theorem (stelling) :: There are many reasons why certain theorems are not named after their discoverer but after a later rediscoverer
24. Theoretical (teoretiese) :: It takes real guts to stop being just a critic of the system and come up with solutions both practical and theoretical
25. Theory (teorie) :: My theory of course is that these were all written by one person using various pseudonyms
26. Wire (draad) :: Glass beads on Maasai necklaces are strung onto thin commercial wire

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