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1. Area (gebied) :: Alternatively smoke from burning moxa can be wafted over the painful area of the body using a smoke box
2. Bail (borgtog) :: drawers fitted with brass bail handles
3. Baize (baai) :: In the end the 69th National billiards championship held at the Hari Niwas Palace in Jammu will be remembered more for the boardroom tables than the green baize tables
4. Bicycle (fiets) :: As a kid I bicycled all the time but I left bicycling for many years says the 61yearold Congressman
5. Crease (plooi) :: After arriving at the batting crease on the fourth evening he made a cautious start scoring only six runs off his first 35 balls
6. Diamond (diamant) :: Its body rocked slightly with the force of the faerys movement its black marbled eyes boring into Peter with all the intensity of a diamond tipped drill
7. Down (af) :: Mr Rogers said last spring he stopped an attempt by the council to chop the tree down and believed it was now safe
8. Downswing (afswaai) :: Workers who depend on the good graces of their employers regardless of their claims to be well intentioned are ultimately vulnerable to economic downswings and outright exploitation
9. Filly (merrie) :: Nearly all of the top runners sired by Kris were fillies and mares and Harrison said the late stallions legacy would be left on the breed through his daughters
10. Fork (vurk) :: For now though its just an oncoming fork in the road nothing I can do about it as the entire process is entirely out of my hands
11. Gear (rat) :: The hard briefcase will help protect your personal gear but its normally heavier and cumbersome
12. Horseshoe (shoe) :: A horseshoe bend on the Palmer River offered a flat and beautiful campsite
13. Horsewhip (gard) :: All I suggest is that she be horsewhipped for putting a full stop wrongly outside a bracket
14. Horsewoman (amazone) :: TJ has also organized a group of horsewomen who meet semiregularly for trail rides competitions and social activities called the Yee Ha Sisterhood
15. Midfield (middelveld) :: Far from being an entertaining contest it was one that the defences and midfields dominated
16. Novice (beginner) :: Similarly a young novice entered St Martins cell and was puzzled not to find him there
17. Pawn (pion) :: They were no longer willing to be pawns in the game of power being played out between the Indian and Pakistani governments or indeed the militants
18. Rebound (herstel) :: Localized rebound tenderness signifies only limited and localized transmural inflammation
19. Runner (naaswenner) :: a marathon runner
20. Shoot (skiet) :: Players will speed through tracks that twist turn loop corkscrew shoot upward drop off dead end and more
21. Swim (swem) :: She had just finished a refreshing swim in the pool
22. Swimmer (swemmer) :: shes a good swimmer
23. Swimming (swem) :: They should also be able to give a view on how other swimming and sports facilities can be modernised
24. Swimsuit (swembroek) :: Typically only exposed skin is affected skin not covered by swimsuits wet suits or waders
25. Tranquil (rustige) :: Only calm remained as still and tranquil as the ocean after a tempestuous storm

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