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1. Booze (drank) :: I know this in the same way I know I should exercise more and cut down on the booze
2. Boozer (drankzuchtige) :: It happens that both of the deceased chums who passed in the past weeks are from the UK both halefellowswellmet and both legendary boozers
3. Care (sorg) :: These are the best days of training with good friends and without a care in the world
4. Caregiver (versorger) :: Valuable though care is one way to understand a groups social power is in seeing whether it is able to force some other people to carry out its caregiving work
5. Constipation (hardlywigheid) :: At times those with inflammatory bowel disease may also have constipation
6. Diarrhoea (diarree) :: Bloody stools are rare in viral diarrhea but common in severe bacterial diarrhea
7. Diazepam (diasepam) :: Two of the three seizures in the midazolam group were controlled with intravenous diazepam and one with intravenous phenobarbital after intravenous diazepam failed
8. Exhibitionism (ekshibisionisme) :: They dont need to parade it on stage in quite such an exhibitionistic manner
9. Filling (vul) :: Amber comes over as Im mixing the filling this time using tapioca and cider vinegar
10. Greedy (gulsige) :: Dennis groped his greedy hands over the box of food that Adrian had kept so securely beside him
11. Hashish (dagga) :: The supply of hashish coming from Moroccan fields grew enormously in the 1990s especially in the second half of that decade
12. Hospital (hospitaal) :: It gets harder to manage your medication so people end up in managed care and hospitals
13. Infect (besmet) :: Somewhat reassured the group try to settle down to enjoy the rest of their vacation unaware that the diseased mans body is face down in the reservoir infecting their water supply
14. Infection (infeksie) :: In children the major causes of anemia are dietary iron deficiency and infection
15. Infectious (aansteeklike) :: Clean bathroom surfaces also help prevent the spread of infectious germs
16. Overfeed (oorvoed) :: Children should never be overfed by comparing them with the neighbours child he said
17. Rupture (verbreking) :: Last May he died suddenly from an aortic rupture at the age of 44 leaving a wife and young children
18. Sprain (verstuiting) :: He couldnt play if he was in danger of tripping over an empty soda can and spraining his ankle or worse
19. Strength (krag) :: Our strength is knowing about complex planning laws
20. Strengthen (versterk) :: Positive reinforcement is the delivery of a stimulus that strengthens the behavior
21. Underweight (ondergewig) :: Perhaps your exercise regime is too demanding since your body mass index height to weight ratio suggests youre not underweight
22. Unfit (ongeskik) :: It means the cockle quality has never been tested so the molluscs are deemed unfit for human consumption

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