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1. Bid (bod) :: The coach company has all but abandoned a bid to take control of Scottish railway tracks because it claims the paperwork on upkeep and ownership is missing or out of date
2. Crayon (kryt) :: On one of those many delightful shelves is pads of paper wedged in there with a paintjar paintbrushes boxes of pencils pens crayons etcetera
3. Diarist (dagboek skrywer) :: It is relevant that Bishop was an indefatigable keeper of notebooks a fact that implies approval of diaristic discourse
4. Dictate (dikteer) :: It was not for me to dictate words to be uttered by the heroes and heroines of the Minerva Magazine contrary to the theories of the editor thereof
5. Downstage (vriendschappelijk) :: Opening as described the lights came up to reveal los chicos in all their flamenco regalia backed by singers and guitarists downstage
6. Elegy (elegie) :: The biography then turns to extrafamilial influences including Surreys friendship with Henry Fitzroy the Earl of Richmond for whom he would invent the English sonnet in his Windsor elegies
7. Exhibit (uitstalling) :: What are the chances of the same shows being reviewed when so many artists exhibit in Toronto
8. Exhibition (uitstalling) :: Coach Dec Rivers says he will not baby Hill during camp or the exhibition season
9. Exit (uitgang) :: The rest of the players exit the curtain falls and the stage is reset
10. Formalism (formalisme) :: Despite the substantial contributions he had made to topology by this time Brouwer chose to give his inaugural professorial lecture on intuitionism and formalism
11. Lament (klaag) :: A common lament of many Waterloo students is the lack of a local music scene
12. Lampoon (pamflet) :: It lampooned the way in which women are portrayed as sex objects in the daily press radio and TV
13. Mannered (gemanierd) :: It is very mannered very strange and very much an acquired taste
14. Mannerism (maniƫrisme) :: It doesnt adhere and barely refers to any codified technique thus dodging the trap of arty mannerism
15. Microphone (mikrofoon) :: She broke a string on her Les Paul right on the first song then switched to a Firebird which kept shrieking due to some kind of microphonic problem with the pickups not liking the distortion effect or something
16. Movie (Fliek) :: Because you know going to the movies is meant to be a fun outing its meant to be an enjoyable experience
17. Moving (beweeg) :: A moving particle will carry with it the energy of its motion which the physicists call kinetic energy
18. Novella (novelle) :: Whilst in Bulgaria he has written four novels three novellas many short stories and has also found time to write a weekly arts review for The Sofia Echo
19. Nude (naak) :: He also appears completely nude in puppet form at one point
20. Preamble (aanhef) :: It promises to be an attractive spectacle at Lansdowne Road and the preamble shouldnt be too bad either
21. Spotlight (kollig) :: The actress first gained the international spotlight for her work in the superb Raise the Red Lantern in which she played an innocent preyed upon by older more cunning women
22. Theatrical (Teater) :: Frequently theatrical and melodramatic it captured the tensions of wartime Britain thriving in enforced isolation
23. Theme (tema) :: But death has been a really important theme in human literature

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