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1. Abduct (ontvoer) :: You hear about people abducting kids all the time
2. Bigamy (bigamie) :: Sharpe on the other hand was recorded as marrying legally in November 1990 before committing her first offence of bigamy the following May
3. Conspire (saamspan) :: Before he died he believed that his doctors had conspired against him
4. Constable (konstabel) :: Following an internal police inquiry the two constables were found guilty of engaging in sexual acts with the young girl
5. Deal (ooreenkoms) :: During the deal six cards are to be placed face down in the centre of the table to form a kitty
6. Exile (ballingskap) :: He returned to Poland in 1988 and met friends and family but also visited the graves of those who died during his exile
7. Gendarme (diender) :: Pale French gendarmes seemingly plucked straight from Paris point duty look lost directing the coconut trees
8. Infanticide (kindermoord) :: Saturn Devouring One of His Sons depicts the graphic and bloody dismemberment of a cannibalistic infanticide
9. Jail (tronk) :: At the associations annual conference Mike Newell right called for reform to reduce the number of inmates entering jails
10. Jailbird (tronkvoƫl) :: Photographs in each cell there are about 10 of them plus an open eating area with tables for the less adventurous depict various prison scenes and mugshots of some jailbirds
11. Jailer (tronkbewaarder) :: After a deeply traumatic childhood where his father left him to rot in Newgate prison Sweeney takes violent revenge against the gaoler who tormented him in prison
12. Manslaughter (strafbare manslag) :: Any person who intentionally kills another may be prosecuted for murder or manslaughter
13. Nullify (tot niet) :: Contributory negligence could reduce the monetary quantification of the defendants liability but it cannot legally or logically nullify it
14. Punishment (straf) :: Condemnatory judgments for example may be accompanied by impulses of retribution and punishment
15. Retribution (vergelding) :: The consequences of ignoring these selfregulatory practices is to suffer the officials ire and retribution
16. Rustle (geritsel) :: Her ears picked up the sound of a soft rustle and then beneath it the quiet steady thudding of cushioned weight hitting the ground
17. Swindle (afsettery) :: Q Have you ever been on the wrong end of a swindle or scam
18. Swipe (krap) :: I spun around in wild alarm both dodging the swipe and swinging my sword at him
19. Theft (diefstal) :: Police in Laindon are urging the public to be vigilant after a string of thefts from people using a cash machine in the town
20. Void (leemte) :: When passing cards and choosing a card for the bottle imp trick I strongly prefer to give myself a red or blue void if possible
21. Witness (getuie) :: By law if three or more people witness a crime on the scale of murder the one who committed the crime had no right to a fair trial

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