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1. Boot (stewel) :: The standard Denver boot is designed to fit vehicles that have a flat rim face
2. Collar (kraag) :: He was hoping to collar someone who would tell him what was up
3. Collection (versameling) :: Instead many are finding holistic panaceas and a philosophy which views the patient as a whole body rather than as a disease or a collection of symptoms more beneficial
4. Diamond (diamant) :: Its body rocked slightly with the force of the faerys movement its black marbled eyes boring into Peter with all the intensity of a diamond tipped drill
5. Elegant (elegante) :: It may be dull but it remains true if you write good stuff and present it elegantly then youll be well read in no time at all
6. Finery (tooi) :: The King was dressed in his finery blue robes stitched with silver the buttons made from silver and his cloak lined with ermine
7. Formal (formele) :: Mark mentally brushed up on the formal dinner etiquette he had learned at the various classes his parents had forced him to go to
8. Foundation (fondament) :: The material provides a foundation for critical analysis
9. Gem (juweel) :: A good example would be the fourteen precious gems
10. Hat (hoed) :: Straw hats vary in style indicating either where the hat was made or where the wearer is from
11. Hosiery (shopping) :: XStatic has previously been used in socks and hosiery but this is the first time its being employed in bodywear
12. Jeans (broek) ::
13. Loafer (leeglĂȘer) :: Ive decided on an informal dress code but over time I would like members to sport Italian loafers the kind some people love writing about
14. Locket (medaillon) :: Also on display are stringed natural pearls and chains with lockets that have American diamonds laid on silver plated with gold
15. Mouthwash (mondspoelmiddel) :: Rinse with antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine and floss daily
16. Mule (muil) :: Instead we often get stuck riding a reliable mule up a rough trail
17. Purse (beursie) :: The prize purse will again be over 60000 baht in cash gold and other prizes
18. Revealing (onthulling) :: History will record only the bare statistics but the figures are less revealing than the timing of their accumulation
19. Runway (aanloopbaan) :: This week on Americas Next Top Model Camille finally took the runway walk of shame off the show
20. Smock (kiel) :: Grrr finally she picked a lovely pink smocked top reduced to a tenner
21. Sporty (sportiewe) :: In order to be able to exercise you are obligated to be dressed sportily wearing your athletic shoes
22. Spotted (raakgesien) :: The breeding male is darker with increased spottedness
23. Striped (gestreepte) :: The artist often appears in a black beret and a blackandwhite striped shirt
24. Unfashionable (mode) :: Emma Watson who has been brought up by a welltodo aunt returns to her family who live unfashionably in genteel poverty in a Surrey village
25. Unflattering (onvleiende) :: The slightest miscue was liable to be unflatteringly magnified
26. Vogue (mode) :: This system in vogue during the colonial era enabled the colonial powers to carve out their own commercial spheres of influence in the countries within their imperial domain

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