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1. Abalone (perlemoen) :: There are less than a dozen white abalones in captivity
2. Bullfinch (Goudvink) :: On farmland the numbers of song thrushes fell by 66 per cent between 1972 and 1996 of bullfinches by 62 per cent of skylarks by 75 per cent of linnets by 40 per cent of spotted flycatchers by 78 per cent and of lapwings by 46 per cent
3. Bullfrog (brulpadda) :: You dont hear bullfrogs or toads anymore because weve poisoned the streams and creeks with our chemicals Askins speculates
4. Bullock (bul) :: It was in such buildings cluttered with farm implements that Alf would operate on large animals or test unruly bullocks for TB
5. Coelacanth (selakant) :: They were hit hard by the terminal Devonian extinction event and most marine forms died out then only the coelacanths continuing
6. Exoskeleton (eksoskelet) :: One modification in trilobites might be that the selection was primarily for exoskeletal morphology rather than limb structure
7. Gecko (geitjie) :: Experiments using Xray bombardment eliminated electrostatic attraction as a necessary mechanism for setal adhesion since the geckos were still able to adhere in ionized air
8. Gelding (reun) :: The card is highlighted by a pair of stakes of 75000 stakes for older fillies and mares and for older colts and geldings
9. Greenfly (bladluis) :: Ladybirds are well known predators of greenflies and other aphids
10. Lamprey (lamprei) :: Modern adult lampreys measure anywhere from about 6 to 40 inches long
11. Lizard (Akkedis) :: The reptiles were kept in enclosures covered by nets to stop birds from munching the lizards
12. Midge (muggie) :: Arctic as well as temperate chironomid midges build special winter cocoons that are distinct from those made in summer
13. Paw (klou) :: I didnt stop pawing through my bag in search of Kleenex but looked up from my seat on the bench
14. Plague (plaag) :: Avoiding death is generally a good outcome for any trip and the latest gadgets are aimed at fending off the new plague of airline travel deep vein thrombosis
15. Prawn (garnaal) :: Take a torch with you because within the crevices youll find loads of prawns shrimps and the odd lobster
16. Pupa (papie) :: Total RNA was isolated from third instar larvae pupae adult body and adult head by TRIZOL reagent
17. Seabird (seevoël) :: Northerly winds and currents will tend to drive oil slicks towards the spectacular seabird and seal colonies of Cape Terpeniya and Tyulenniy Island
18. Seal (seël) :: to seal the deal he offered Thornton a place on the board of the nascent company
19. Sprat (sprot) :: Frank Hederman smokes his eels sprats mackerel trout and mussels over beech rather than oak which gives his products a mild subtle flavour and makes them just about the best that money can buy
20. Swift (vinnige) :: Putting on a swift burst of speed he dived low and skimmed the waters of a lake
21. Wishbone (Been) :: There are concrete beams two kinds of truss a suspension arch like a miniature Sydney Harbour Bridge and finally the elegant and ingenious Millennium Bridge imagine a pair of wishbones joined at the tips

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