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241. Agitator (roerder) :: They look for work at another large farm and find agitators attempting to keep migrants from taking work as a protest against unfair wages
242. Agreement (ooreenkoms) :: we just couldnt come to an agreement
243. Aircrew (lug bemanning) :: There was a potentially serious risk to aircraft aircrews and air operations from possible collisions as well as impact on the operational effectiveness of the base
244. Belligerent (veglustige) :: His team has played a particularly belligerent and aggressive brand of cricket and I think theyre the benchmark against which other international cricket teams have judged themselves
245. Bomb (bom) :: On the second play of the second half Manning took advantage of a dazed Aaron Glenn and hit Wayne on a 57yard bomb
246. Captain (kaptein) :: He is a captain in the US Naval Reserve and a P3C Orion pilot
247. Conflict (konflik) :: This world is one in which there is a conflict between historical culture the impulses of the individual body and the intensities of inner experience
248. Damage (skade) :: Motorists have paid the price of deteriorating roads with damage to their vehicles
249. Danger (gevaar) :: The ballot is in protest at several drivers who have been relegated to platform work after passing signals at danger
250. Dangerous (gevaarlike) :: How could anyone support this frankly ridiculous criminally dangerous reckless and rash point of view
251. Detonate (ontplof) :: The script uses almost every word as detonative symbol
252. Execute (uit te voer) :: Keeping the enemy on his toes deters and interdicts his ability to effectively execute the chosen course of action
253. Execution (uitvoering) :: Kevin Spacey plays Gale a man who has been convicted of murder and awaits his execution while on death row
254. Foray (inval) :: So what can we learn from this brief and sobering foray into the world of political consulting and roughandtumble politics
255. Force (krag) :: The 2000strong police and military force arrived in the Solomons two weeks ago
256. Outcry (verontwaardiging) :: But they were eventually given the green light following a public outcry
257. Outflank (beet neem) :: Late in November 1950 they attacked the weaker South Korean units drove them back and partially outflanked the neighboring and suddenly vulnerable UN troops
258. Pistol (pistool) :: Williams was carrying a loaded air pistol in his pocket
259. Reservist (reservis) :: Such animosity stems from a particularly low level of morale among the Guardsmen and reservists
260. Slowdown (verlangsaming) :: the drop in earnings was due to an extreme economic slowdown
261. Stoppage (inhouding) :: The dispute over a new enterprise agreement went on for about 12 months and included a series of 24hour protest stoppages
262. Strafe (straffe) :: Erwin Rommel was one such victim nearly being killed when his car was strafed by an Allied fighter
263. Strategic (strategiese) :: The Soviets achieve a longdesired southern strategic goal isolating Turkey opening a route to the Indian Ocean and the Eastern Mediterranean
264. Suspect (verdagte) :: Police suspect there are one or more groups of robbers operating in the area
265. Terrorism (terrorisme) :: Now we are told immediately by world leaders that this was most assuredly an act of terrorism
266. Terrorist (terroriste) :: Yes we should know that there are terrorists who have ideas and plans to do us harm
267. Underground (ondergronds) :: She became active in the underground socialist movement in her midteens while she was at high school
268. Violence (geweld) :: domestic violence against women

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