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:: Through the fortunate accident of having a tedious instructor I had gained a year:: He was rescued and taken ashore to Guatemala by coastguards last year:: It was covered in black velvet with a blood red rose embroidered on the front and a ribbon of the same colour as the rose tied in a bow at the top:: She went as far forward as she could to the very bowsprit of the ship:: Though undoubtedly inspired by the Civil Rights Movement it recalls the locomotives and boxcars of the Underground Railroad at times and the souls of millions lost to the rigorous Middle Passage at others:: This lets workers do the convertible roof assembly allowing convertibles to go down the same line as the sedans:: People who know me will know the general drift of my thoughts and the intensity of my feelings on disasters whether they be personal natural or manmade:: He hired hundreds of labourers to heave a large boat a passenger ferry over a mountain in the Andes:: The small dark squares visible along the hull beneath the main deck represent windows that illuminated interior spaces:: We have our choice of lovely motels hotels and inns :: When I bent down to loop the wet laces something low slow and wavering caught my eye:: Positioned near Nasrallahs house they waved banners called to the troops through their megaphones and attempted to obstruct the bulldozers movements:: One hypothesis about the cause of sudden infant death syndrome is upper airway obstruction during sleep:: This one was decorated profusely with huge banners and pennants of championships dangling on the wall behind the stall:: a stream of young surfers fighting the elements to ride the waves:: Besides wasteful consumption of so much clean water pollutants discharged by restaurants beauty saloons and large bathing rooms are also to blame for contaminated water:: They are sick and depraved and have convinced themselves they are right and the rest of us are wrong:: Prices have nearly doubled in the past year soaring to their highest levels since 1988:: On probably 75 percent of its running plays Ohio State wants to run to the weak side of the offensive line allowing the tailback to cut back to the strong side:: Everything else about the exterior of the car is the same including the rear doors and tailgate :: And hovering over them all is the constant threat of the police who ticket the men tirelessly leading to hundreds of dollars in fines and repeated stays in jail:: You must pick your time well as she is often swept by strong tidal currents:: She is a keen tricyclist and will happily ride a few blocks in this way
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