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211. Anglican (Anglikaanse) ::
212. Bloc (blok) :: Or do we want them to emerge as resentful rivals in a world permanently divided into hostile trading blocs
213. Calvinism (Calvinisme) :: Scotland was once the home of John Knox and his stern form of Calvinism
214. Ceremony (seremonie) :: Behind all the pomp and ceremony of Louis XIVs court the ancien regime was rotting
215. Epiphany (epifanie) ::
216. Epistle (brief) :: It was widely used at Mass and had the Latin text on one side of the page and the English translation on the other with epistles and gospel readings also in English
217. Fascism (fascisme) :: Getting drunk is mostly an exercise of choice one of the few available in the current climate of health fascism
218. Goddess (godin) :: One would have the looks and figure of a screen goddess and the drive to make both the best of her opportunities and a host of enemies
219. Godhead (Godheid) :: First Willis takes as the ultimate ground of Gods holiness the perichoresis of the three persons in the Godhead
220. Godparent (peet) :: The godparents were Nicola Coomey and Keith Kelly
221. Hinduism (Hindoeïsme) :: What they want is a Hinduised society what they desire is a sense of Gujaratiness deriving from an aggressive Hindu identity
222. Idealism (idealisme) :: Its in our youth when idealism burns strongest
223. Leninism (Leninisme) ::
224. Lent (geleen) ::
225. Monarchy (monargie) :: Can people move directly from a clanbased system to democracy skipping monarchy and feudalism
226. Monastery (klooster) :: The number of parishes and monasteries has grown substantially with the restoration of religious freedom
227. Monism (monisme) :: It will not succeed in this task if it tries to describe reality neutrally in a perspective of observation whether this occurs in the form of a monistic or pluralistic metaphysics
228. Parable (gelykenis) :: Jesus Christ sometimes used the camel in parables
229. Policy (beleid) :: Ive made it a policy not to discuss such issues in public
230. Relic (oorblyfsel) :: But you can also see it in the hint of a new cinema born from the relics of its own history
231. Reliquary (relikwie) :: The exhibition highlights aspects of Roman Catholic religious traditions and includes relics and reliquaries religious artefacts and an insight into the practices of the Sisters of Mercy
232. Sister (suster) :: Yesterday an old man collapsed in the toilet and Amelia ran out to fetch the ward sister
233. Summit (beraad) :: The old drove road is recognisable as it climbs towards the summit of Kailzie Hill and the edge of the extensive Cardrona Forest
234. Turban (tulband) :: Wilson contrasts these turbanned and elegant Moors of yesteryear with todays Africans in Venice who look like all hip global youth in a wall of telling photographic details

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