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211. Altitude (hoogte) :: In some regions trees have invaded tundra extending the altitudinal or latitudinal limit of tree growth
212. Butcher (slagter) :: Ive even seen her helping to butcher cattle much to the surprise of the soldiers
213. Combine (kombineer) :: On fields with wide variability in growth and maturity it may be advantageous to harvest it in sections adjusting the combine to match the crop conditions in each section
214. Comet (komeet) :: At a distance of one lightweek our solar system is lost in the Suns glare even farther out is a collection of cometary objects called the Oort Cloud depicted as a sphere one light year across
215. Drift (drif) :: People who know me will know the general drift of my thoughts and the intensity of my feelings on disasters whether they be personal natural or manmade
216. Driftwood (dryfhout) :: beaches covered in driftwood logs
217. Drill (boor) :: Friction causes inflammation so you know the drill rest ice and lower your seat a notch
218. Eye (oog) :: If we want a different eye colour we get coloured contact lenses
219. Groyne (krip) :: Seawalls groins and other manmade structures including beach nourishment projects can potentially reduce shortterm immediate erosion risk
220. Heaven (hemel) :: We then turned the car towards the retail heaven that is IKEA
221. Humid (humiede) :: The rainy season is over with its dull monotonous grey skies and unpleasant humid rain
222. Marsh (moeras) :: The distribution of plants in freshwater marshes is driven by competition inundation and drawdown
223. Quicksand (drijfzand) :: Morecambe Bay is notoriously dangerous with fast rising tides and quicksands
224. Refine (verfyn) :: In the 150 years human being have drilled for and refined petroleum its estimated weve used about 1 trillion barrels
225. Refinery (raffinadery) :: Engineers tonight are also checking for damage to the areas oil refineries
226. Rig (tuig) :: The radial consists of a 576 square metre sail area compared to the regular rig of 706
227. Salvage (herwinning) :: They also found remnant ingots from the 195152 salvage operation
228. Tailwind (wind van agter) :: Weather conditions that are associated with high rates of migration in the fall are the passage of cold fronts and tailwinds
229. Tidal (gety) :: You must pick your time well as she is often swept by strong tidal currents
230. Tide (gety) :: As they go farther into the water the tide pushes them downstream
231. Uphill (opdraande) :: But the battle against terrorism in Africa is an uphill one

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