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211. Beep (biep) :: The idea is to allow them to have more time doing other things they will be beeped for the rides when their turn comes
212. Browse (Snuffel) :: The spot I selected for my Uturn happened to be right next to a yard sale so I climbed out for a browse
213. Chat (gesels) :: If you would like to give some time to furthering the caring work of the centre ring to get an appointment for an informal chat
214. Deselect (uit te skakel) :: But fortunately this time round I deselected the dont ask on startup option which appears on the initial start up
215. Desktop (lessenaar) :: Frequently users place icons on the desktop to quickly access some application files or folders they regularly use
216. Domain (domein) :: Sport for the most part is the domain of the young
217. Folder (gids) :: Could worship bulletins or folders be prepared in large print by enlarging them on the photocopier
218. Follow (volg) :: Most people follow a subsistence way of life growing food mainly for their own needs with little left over
219. Follower (volgeling) :: And it is not discrimination at any level against the followers of other faiths
220. Handle (hanteer) :: handle the fruit carefully
221. Invalid (ongeldig) :: This argument for fatalism does not commit the same fallacy that is use the same invalid argument as the first one that I gave
222. Like (soos) :: I like you a lot
223. Mail (pos) :: Looking at the mess on the desk he noticed todays mail
224. Memory (geheue) :: They dont even have the hard drive space and memory that regular laptops have
225. Menu (spyskaart) :: There was a good choice of starters both from the standard menu and the specials list
226. Port (hawe) :: Cape Town is a working port but the waterfront area is one of the citys major attractions evidenced by the profusion of shops bars and restaurants there
227. Portal (portaal) :: Scotland Online one of the countrys leading portals and internet service providers will launch its rebranded website this week
228. Surfing (branderplankry) :: The key concept in catching waves in all forms of surfing is to try to match approaching wave speed
229. Type (tipe) :: The discussion about this issue was deferred to future events of this type
230. Videophone (beeldtelefoon) :: She was so glad that they used normal phones and not videophones or conferencing

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