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211. Ache (pyn) :: Unhappy endings linger in your mind leaving an ache in your heart and a problem to resolve
212. Ambulance (ambulans) :: The authors concluded that unnecessary use of emergency ambulances would decline if alternatives were provided
213. Catch (vang) :: He lowered himself while Jason stood just below him to catch him if he fell
214. Cigarette (sigaret) :: What is the best way to stop tobacconists selling cigarettes to children
215. Dehydrate (dehidreer) :: These sulfurcontaining additives are used as preservatives in dried fruits wines and dehydrated potato products like mashed potato flakes
216. Energy (energie) :: A man may want to do much but he has only so much time only so much mental and physical energy
217. Give (gee) :: he did not give his name
218. Hunger (honger) :: Have sensible people never felt the insatiable hunger of infatuation
219. Hungry (honger) :: The world is hungry for Scotlands contemporary art and our artists and institutions are brimming with confidence
220. Lose (verloor) :: I love Brady because he never misses a week and he rarely does anything to lose you games
221. Mask (masker) :: The first step was to mask off an area around the metal cutout making sure that the spacing was even all the way around
222. Pain (pyn) :: Apart from my heart was swelling so much I thought it may explode all my mental pain was gone
223. Painful (pynlike) :: Follow this with a massage of the painful and aching areas with the following ointment
224. Painkiller (pynstiller) :: If the sunburn is severe you may need painkillers such as paracetamol or antihistamines
225. Quit (afsluit) :: I quit my ninetofive job and became a professional photographer
226. Reflexology (refleksologie) :: One way to find a reputable reflexologist is to contact the Association of Reflexologists
227. Salve (salf) :: So we obsessively analyze this epic Homerian battle trying to find a moment of heroism a brief glimpse to help salve our morally guilty wounds
228. Sample (monster) :: a simple random sample of fortyfive students
229. Sociopath (Socio) :: But the claim that some sociopaths are born does not preclude the possibility that some sociopaths are made
230. Upset (omgekrap) :: Sir Edward was being treated in Salzburg for a minor stomach upset when the pulmonary embolism was discovered
231. Ward (wyk) :: In Wangs ward in the Haematology Division only half of patients with cancer may survive
232. Wound (wond) :: Section 20 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 creates the offence of unlawfully and maliciously wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm

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