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211. Bivalve (tweekleppige) :: Both species of crayfish readily ate native bivalves
212. Caterpillar (ruspe) :: Some caterpillars will crawl to the ground and burrow into a hole giving the parasitoids a safe refuge for the winter
213. Catfish (baber) :: Especially well adapted to low or nonexistent light levels are several new species of electric fishes and catfishes
214. Crow (kraai) :: to my two sons I am still just the old crow
215. Flamingo (flaminke) :: These include ostriches macaws toucans flamingos storks and cranes
216. Heifer (koei) :: The heifers were not treated differently after delivering the first calf
217. Hunter (jagter) :: We mammals come in four types lone hunters pack hunters herds and scavengers
218. Louse (luis) :: This could have been excellent and by far the best version of the game so its a shame they loused it up so badly
219. Octopus (seekat) :: Cephalopods which includes octopuses and squid have seriously weird brains
220. Perch (sitplek) :: Though it was clearly meant to provide a comfortable viewing perch the design fell somewhat short
221. Plover (kiewiet) :: Sandpipers and plovers of many species will pass through or decide to stay in the ponds and wetlands that dot central and southern Iraq
222. Plumage (vere) :: Variety in the lovebirds diet is the key to feather perfect plumage and a healthy bird
223. Rabbit (haas) :: Add the chicken and rabbit and cook until golden brown about five minutes
224. Tiger (tier) :: Passing tigers rhinos tapirs deer and other animals triggered the shutter by tripping infrared sensors

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