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181. Adjourn (verdaag) :: After that we adjourned to the drawing room where Carlo served us a pot of my finest Assam and some cucumber sandwiches
182. Administrative (administratiewe) :: She said her new role would be a more managerial and administrative one
183. Administrator (administrateur) :: In Plymouth Derriford Hospital is making 90 administrators redundant to save money
184. Attend (bywoon) :: I have to attend two meetings today
185. Attendance (bywoning) :: There had been so much hope put on his attendance at the institutions of higher learning
186. Attentive (aandagtig) :: Jones is earnest and attentive to detail and promises to work closely with residents on an array of local issues
187. Bricklayer (messelaar) :: Some urban Kurds work as bricklayers butchers cattle dealers and small traders
188. Call (oproep) :: I distinctly heard you call
189. Chair (stoel) :: They fear this peaceful drug dealer and because of this fear they want him to die by the chair of electrocution
190. Cleaner (skoner) :: And meanwhile theyre employing kitchen staff and cleaners from where
191. Competitive (mededingende) :: But the demands of success on the competitive circuit led to the drafting in of professional players
192. Department (departement) :: I never thought of myself as above average in the looks department
193. Farmer (boer) :: We want the Government to provide grant aid to farmers to help them through this difficult time
194. Florist (bloemiste) :: Among the services offered was a lifetime contract for fresh flowers on the graves which Parker promised to arrange with a local florists
195. Hire (huur) :: Car hire is only available with a driver in Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat
196. Intermittent (afwisselende) :: Last year the bollard hit the news again when it was plagued by intermittent mechanical problems and a new motor was fitted
197. Keyboard (sleutelbord) :: Everyone who has a computer has a keyboard but not everyone has a joystick or gamepad
198. Let (laat) :: Please dont let them be right
199. Operator (operateur) :: Shortly after when her telephone call for help is ignored by a gossiping switchboard operator she meets her own end on the blade of a bayonet
200. Paramedic (paramedikus) :: The man was later carried out by police and paramedics put on a stretcher and taken by ambulance to hospital
201. Policeman (polisieman) :: It is one of the busiest junctions where policemen dread to man traffic during peak hours
202. Policewoman (polisievrou) :: The police force often assigns cases involving violence against women to policewomen denying policemen the opportunity to understand womens experience with violence
203. Politician (politikus) :: Each of the fifty states has a constitution and set of laws each elects politicians
204. Programmer (programmeerder) :: Experienced Java programmers are likely to be more at home with this latest revision
205. Reliable (betroubaar) :: shes reliable
206. Reliable (betroubaar) :: shes reliable
207. Reliable (betroubaar) :: shes reliable
208. Reliable (betroubaar) :: shes reliable
209. Reliable (betroubaar) :: shes reliable
210. Reliable (betroubaar) :: shes reliable

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