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181. Actuate (beklemtoon) :: Fitzwoods case is that when the trustee made its decision it was actuated by malice
182. Bleeper (semafoon) :: Wed love to believe it but anyone that closely interested in markets will already be kitted up with bleepers pagers and the like which offer much stock quotes in real time
183. Breakdown (afbreek) :: And she had a basic breakdown of her nervous system
184. Cable (kabel) :: And even though we have cable we watch all the Spanish language channels to entertain us and inform us about whats going on in the world
185. Crystal (kristal) :: Sapphire crystal is the cover of choice for premium watches
186. Cube (kubus) :: Closed the cabinet appears as a minimalist cube a solid and restrained form that belies its complex and interactive quality
187. Demolish (sloop) :: Match 2 saw them demolish their opponents on the 14th hole winning 64
188. Friction (wrywing) :: Any moving object on Earth experiences a force called friction which opposes its motion
189. Insulation (isolasie) :: To keep the interior as comfortable as possible more insulation was added while a new cabin heating and cooling system was designed and installed
190. Insulator (isolator) :: This occurs when two different insulators like skin and the polyester in a car seat rub against each other allowing electrons to flow from the skin into the polyester
191. Math (wiskunde) :: I chuckle and look back to where my ancestors several hundred years ago began learning to do math
192. Mathematician (wiskundige) :: Everyone believed that mathematicians and astronomers would provide the solution but it is not to be
193. Mathematics (wiskunde) :: This question is a perfect example of a problem in the branch of mathematics known as information theory
194. Maths (wiskunde) :: Both have been fascinated by maths computers and programming from an early age
195. Probability (waarskynlikheid) :: Simply put the larger the number of plays the more likely that the fixed probability will catch up with the player
196. Probe (ondersoek) :: he began to probe into Donalds whereabouts
197. Procedure (prosedure) :: Some of the procedures or demonstration data can be permanently saved in the database
198. Solution (oplossing) :: The Department of Education insists the school was always regarded as a temporary solution to an emergency situation
199. Substructure (onderbou) :: By a fortunate coincidence the interest in algebraic structures related to substructural logics is also undergoing a revival among algebraists
200. Subtract (aftrek) :: You can modify this list by adding or subtracting items to better suit your group of friends
201. Washer (wasser) :: At the time of his arrival eliminate all noise of washer dryer dishwasher or vacuum

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