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151. Adjutant (adjudant) :: When he became the commanders adjutant at the American Flying School at Issoudun he found it difficult to break away to learn to fly
152. Admiral (admiraal) :: Have the Admiral and the General reported in
153. Atrocity (gruweldaad) :: It was a brave new world recovering from the atrocities and bleakness of war
154. Attack (aanval) :: The government deployed additional military forces to attack terrorist strongholds
155. Attrition (uitvloei) :: The firms staff numbers have been reduced through attrition some departing employees have not been replaced and others have taken on new responsibilities
156. Battle (stryd) :: the islanders battle with emigration
157. Bayonet (bajonet) :: One fled the country another was tortured to death and a third was bayoneted in his bed
158. Bloodshed (bloedvergieting) :: Martial law was imposed to avoid bloodshed as rebels battled with police and the military
159. Bridgehead (vastrapplek) :: Soviet authorities have argued they might have taken Berlin immediately after they established bridgeheads across the Oder
160. Campaign (veldtog) :: And he has now backed a local campaign against the show and vowed to go to prison in defence of his religion
161. Fatality (doodmaak) :: There has been one fatality two people seriously injured and three walking wounded
162. Hijack (kaping) :: Theres never a good time to hijack the Constitution for political reasons
163. Intercept (afsnit) :: Im sure lots of information is there in files intercepts computer memory
164. Navy (vloot) :: In its more than 300year history the Russian navy has given rise to many glorious professional traditions
165. Negotiate (onderhandel) :: The different caucuses should also negotiate and reach agreements between themselves in advance
166. Negotiation (onderhandeling) :: Now officials have warned that if negotiations reach stalemate today they will resort to legal action
167. Onslaught (aanslag) :: As a result of fierce Hungarian onslaughts from the north Bulgaria lost important territories beyond the Danube including the rich Transylvania
168. Paramilitary (paramilitêre) :: The rightwing paramilitaries also gain much of their revenue from the drug trade
169. Raid (aanval) :: In this case the police sent a mobile uniformed squad somewhere else so that the observers thought it was safe and then used 70 plainclothes officers to raid the discotheque
170. Remonstrance (vermaning) :: She finished her luncheon without undue questioning from her mother or too many remonstrances about her choice in friends
171. Rocket (vuurpyl) :: The company saw its milk sales rocket from 600000 cartons to 42 million bottles weekly
172. Station (stasie) :: military station
173. Vanquish (oorwin) :: Researchers may also better understand the forces that vanquished the Ice Age ecosystem
174. Zealot (dweper) :: I couldnt resist reading that story in this era of Hitlerian antismoking zealotry

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