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151. Act (daad) :: Because its one of my habits to act roles that come out of nowhere for fun
152. Atheism (ateïsme) :: Let me quickly say that I am not advocating mass conversions to atheism or agnosticism
153. Celebrate (vier) :: Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated grandly sometimes the stars are even gifted with crowns or other expensive items
154. Communion (nagmaal) :: communion service
155. Communism (kommunisme) :: It seems you have a very communistic socialist approach to resolving the issue
156. Compact (kompakte) :: He was very compact and was the shortest guy at 5 feet 6 inches
157. Democracy (demokrasie) :: He forgets that democracy is a system in which the people choose their leaders
158. Democrat (demokratiese) :: Those who opposed reform of any kind caricatured the reformers as anarchic democrats
159. Enlightenment (verligting) :: But then again stare long enough and perhaps scholarly enlightenment can be reached
160. Faith (geloof) :: Religious faith naturally appears and is as compelling as the innate desire to be good
161. Faithful (getrou) :: High in the Alps is a monument raised in honour of a faithful guide who perished while ascending a peak to rescue a stranded tourist
162. Friar (monnik) :: There is a further reason for the insistence on Franciss garden that is worth considering namely that its presence might have helped Thomas to legitimize Franciss new order of friars
163. Hermit (kluisenaar) :: But Mychael didnt understand why one had to channel magic in the first place or why Will and Caleb had been so shocked when that ancient hermit had done magic without channeling
164. Hymn (lied) :: It is a massive hymn in the Byzantine Rite in praise of the Virgin Mary
165. Materialism (materialisme) :: Hobbes view shows progress for reconciling materialism determinism and free will but it is unsatisfactory
166. Nationalist (nasionalistiese) :: In so far as they still clung to socialist phraseology it was simply to give their nationalist programme a more acceptable cover
167. Ritual (ritueel) :: I liked the fact that you invariably showed up at our Friday afternoon Happy Hour ritual in the courtyard when we all unwound after an intense week of studies
168. Solemnize (voltrek) :: The unusual marriage was solemnized at the Dharmasheela Buddha Vihar monastery with a threehour ritual that was capped by eating festive food by relatives attending the ceremony
169. Utilitarianism (utilitarisme) :: The report identified social justice and economicrationalist utilitarianism as the major competing educational philosophies or ideologies
170. Utopian (utopiese) :: Dropping out was the great weakness of the sixties utopians

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