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151. Barber (barbier) :: Its a pity my barbering skills begin and end with the grade 2 clipper attachment
152. Buttock (boud) :: Miss Morris said Thompson left the room again came back with a large spade and went for Mr Smith who tried to deflect the blow and suffered a three inch wound to his left buttock
153. Chubby (mollig) :: One of the gunmen was white of chubby build and wearing a Post Office uniform consisting of a pale blue shirt and blue trousers
154. Comb (kam) :: For instance the comb of a male jungle fowl deteriorates when the bird is infested with a gut parasite but the parasite has no effect on its plumage
155. Comely (lieflik) :: It was an unwritten law that Bridget for she was most comely was always the apple of every unmarried mans eye
156. Deft (aardig) :: I would have thought that that was a deft piece of understatement of what he was actually doing
157. Eyelash (ooghaar) :: He almost lost his eyesight as a result of this illness and he did lose his eyelashes which never grew in again
158. Eyelid (ooglid) :: She gave a friendly smile but her eyelids were lowered which was a sign of hostility
159. Fix (los) :: If you are an NFL or College Football junkie which I am it wont be hard to get a fix this weekend
160. Freckle (sproet) :: Her skin was tanned and freckled and the girl was positively cute
161. Heavy (swaar) :: I cooked more healthfully by omitting heavy sauces and oil using nonfat cooking spray instead
162. Hunch (vermoede) :: I smile appeased and amused when I realize that hes actually ducking and his broad shoulders are hunched over
163. Hunk (homp) :: Although foundation slabs driveways sidewalks and retaining walls all look like big hunks of rock there are forces acting in different directions that the concrete structure must resist
164. Lazy (lui) :: When the two of them had left her to be in the room on her own she stretched out on her bed like a lazy cat then curled over onto her side
165. Marrow (murg) :: Other specialist bags have been developed especially for salads and vegetables including even marrows and courgettes
166. Primp (hom opdoffen) :: Oh and let me tell you I already did my hair brushed my teeth shaved plucked primped deodorized sprayed myself with cologne and got dressed before he even picked out the underwear he was going to wear
167. Stylist (stilis) :: A brilliant mind a brilliant stylist and one of the great comic writers of the postwar era
168. Tailbone (stuit) ::

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