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1531. Besotted (bedwelmend) :: He declared her a stunner and within days they were besotted with each other
1532. Chicken (hoender) :: Some braised beef or roast chicken for example would be a welcome addition
1533. Downhearted (neerslagtig) :: I have to admit I was very downhearted at the time as I didnt think I had been given the opportunities
1534. Electric (elektriese) :: This strippeddown affair featured singer Kelly Jones on acoustic guitar accompanied by piano muted electric guitar and electric bass
1535. Exhaust (uitlaat) :: He later learned that exhaust gases were leaking into the cabin of his car
1536. Exhaustion (uitputting) :: This would be an improvement on Antiphons argument and Bryson is getting close to the method of exhaustion as rigorously applied by Archimedes
1537. Harsh (harde) :: His attempt to shout to the last row makes his voice unpleasantly harsh
1538. Infamous (berugte) :: Amsterdam is famous indeed infamous for its relaxed laws on certain narcotic substances
1539. Infamy (eerloos) :: This renown however always bordered on infamy
1540. Lamentation (klaaglied) :: scenes of lamentation
1541. Live (leef) :: These musicians will perform a live holiday music show from a boxcar stage
1542. Manic (maniese) :: This was a thoughtful quiet museum which nicely complemented the manic excitement of the Dracula Experience
1543. Mouth (mond) :: Everything was packed save for her blankets and the others were gathered at the mouth of the cave
1544. Overeat (ooreet) :: The sense of danger which occurs when you do not overeat feels greater than the suffering you experience because you are overeating
1545. Pit (put) :: Blood gushed from a deep pit in his shoulder and several jagged cuts were gouged in his torso soaking his ceremonial robe to his skin
1546. Shoe (skoen) :: And the advantage to a pivoting shoe is it allows you to more easily work on undulating round or contour surfaces
1547. Small (klein) :: He finished this speech in a small tone of voice that instantly mellowed my anger
1548. Sweet (soet) :: For Burrell however who blames Charles for the stress he was put through in the court case revenge has been sweet and very lucrative
1549. Thankful (dankbaar) :: They thanked him for the references he had supplied and graciously he acknowledged their thankfulness though he could not remember any assistance was this a problem
1550. Win (wen) :: Ben Wyvis for instance is unlikely to win any prizes in a contest against some of the more shapely Highland summits

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