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121. Alight (aan die brand gesteek) :: I remember this painting setting me alight with inspiration 30 years ago
122. Arrival (aankoms) :: Her arrival was greeted by a heartwarming display of affection from the people of Edinburgh
123. Bottleneck (bottelnek) :: Its performance is about the same in the two resolutions so once again geometry processing becomes the bottleneck of Intels new integrated graphics
124. Bottom (onderkant) :: In the arena of open competition the talkers are quickly moved to the bottom of the rankings
125. Car (voertuig) :: he was in the lift when the car stuck
126. Carsick (karsiek) :: It evokes the vague nausea of carsickness
127. Collide (bots) :: Later in the afternoon at 540 pm a two vehicle accident saw cars colliding on the Hatston Brae after slipping on snow
128. Crew (bemanning) :: What a motley crew we are much more so I say from my experience than journalists and politicians
129. Dinghy (sloep) :: I had to get to the top deck to get this little dinghy to escape I could see it chained up far above me form outside
130. Embankment (wal) :: The fossils had been collected in the early 1840s in pits dug to provide material for the embankments to carry Brunels Great Western Railway from London to Bristol
131. Embark (begin) :: He embarks on his course of inquiry with an anarchists instinctive mistrust of power
132. Explore (verken) :: he sets out to explore fundamental questions
133. Founder (stigter) :: Twenty Armada ships were to founder on the Irish rocks
134. Headrest (hoofdsteun) :: It could be an entertaining one too with the optional TV screens built into the front headrests enabling back seat passengers amuse themselves with DVDs or video games
135. Houseboat (huisboot) :: But we also want people who own houseboats to look at their own boats
136. Locomotive (lokomotief) :: Consequently locomotive failure or broken bones can occur in older females particularly those that were not developed properly as replacement gilts
137. Marine (mariene) :: If we have to upgrade some of our technology to allow text messaging on marine radio then lets make it so
138. Seaway (seeweg) :: Continental displacements led to changes in the configurations of the oceans and seaways opened and closed
139. Seaworthy (seewaardig) :: His exploits follow a long line of expeditions trying to prove the seaworthiness of primitive boats
140. Spur (ingewing) :: One difficulty is that improvements in technology spur improvements in armaments
141. Strip (strook) :: Be extremely cautious as as you tighten the screws so not to strip the screw holes
142. Stroke (beroerte) :: In a wetsump engine a shorter stroke also cuts down on oilpressure problems caused by windage and oil aeration
143. Thoroughfare (deurgang) :: The pedestrianised street is one of the main thoroughfares in the city and lends itself to street music and entertainment as well as thriving business
144. Tread (loopvlak) :: I heard the heavy tread of Dads boots
145. Tread (loopvlak) :: I heard the heavy tread of Dads boots
146. Tread (loopvlak) :: I heard the heavy tread of Dads boots
147. Tread (loopvlak) :: I heard the heavy tread of Dads boots
148. Tread (loopvlak) :: I heard the heavy tread of Dads boots
149. Tread (loopvlak) :: I heard the heavy tread of Dads boots
150. Tread (loopvlak) :: I heard the heavy tread of Dads boots

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