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121. Acolyte (volgeling) :: Jencks and the acolytes of the new worship of nature are wrong
122. Cathedral (katedraal) :: And what is true of the Minster is true of the cathedrals and parish churches throughout the land
123. Catholic (Katolieke) ::
124. Catholicism (Katolisisme) ::
125. Church (kerk) :: the teachings of the church
126. Circumcise (besny) :: In 2000 Kenya imposed a fine of 650 and a oneyear prison sentence on anyone who circumcises a girl under the age of 18
127. Circumcision (besnyding) :: Most secular celebrations also are tied to religious holidays like Christmas or New Years the Circumcision of Jesus
128. Commandment (gebod) :: The Ten Commandments served as an introduction to the other commandments
129. Commerce (handel) :: There are only two differences one is that their major activity was commerce and ours is industry
130. Cross (kwaad) :: You had many a cross to carry but you carried on and helped me to carry my cross so many times
131. Crucifix (kruis) :: During the 13th century crucifixes and images of saints and the Virgin which had long been hung in churches or carried in procession were located permanently on the altars with which they were associated
132. Deism (deïsme) :: Originating late in 1796 this movement of intellectual republican deism prospered in towns where dechristianization had been popular
133. Enfranchise (vry maak) :: One reason may have been the passage in 1965 of the Voting Rights Act which quickly and effectively enfranchised Southern blacks who had been barred from the polls for many years
134. Hell (hel) :: I believe I am making my own hell or heaven now and that my after life will be what I deserve
135. Judaism (Judaïsme) ::
136. Judiciary (regbank) :: The convention of ministerial responsibility is not enforced by the judiciary
137. Martyr (martelaar) :: Or do I play the martyr fake genuine happiness and stay because its the best for our sons but not for me
138. Marxism (Marxisme) ::
139. Mass (massa) ::
140. Mystic (mistieke) :: Jungs experience was similar to that undergone by shamans and religious mystics as well as some artists writers and philosophers
141. Mysticism (mistiek) :: Ive got no problem with you if you arent so long as you dont confuse what youre doing with spirituality or mysticism
142. Pagoda (pagode) :: Across the world temples pagodas sacred land and water formations manuscripts and sculptures are under threat from a variety of sources
143. Pentecost (Pinkster) ::
144. Reform (hervorming) :: There is definitely enough money to set up institutions to reform people who are criminals
145. Sanctuary (heiligdom) :: I slammed the door angrily dropped my bag slid my jacket gently off my shoulders and once again took sanctuary on my mattress
146. Sephardi (Sefardische) ::
147. Stand (staan) :: He stood up and tugged at my hand trying to get me to stand with him
148. Worship (aanbidding) :: Do not schedule anything on the retreat except morning and evening worship and meals

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