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121. Abrasive (skuur) :: They grew close enough together so that reaching from one to the next was never a problem and the bark was just rough enough to offer a good grip without being abrasive
122. Abrupt (skielike) :: I just think Ive had too many sudden abrupt unexpected and unwelcome changes in my plans to be able to commit to more plans in advance
123. Ball (bal) :: a cricket ball
124. Ballistic (ballistiese) :: The bomb falls ballistically and we drop it so that even if theres no laser spot its going to drop pretty close to the target
125. Boss (baas) :: While a fragmented helmet had been unusually wrought from one piece of iron the shield boss and sword pommel can only be paralleled by Swedish finds
126. Collar (kraag) :: He was hoping to collar someone who would tell him what was up
127. Contention (twis) :: Roth says he was immediately drawn to the novel which had a history of contention all its own
128. Crestfallen (moedeloos) :: He looked crestfallen so I got off the bench and chased him around in a game of hideandseek
129. Debauchery (losbandigheid) :: I am against drinking to excess but generally take a softer stand on debauchery
130. Dim (dof) :: I soon found that I was tied into a sitting position in a dim room
131. Drag (sleep) :: the main drag
132. Expletive (vloek) :: He had had enough and a stream of expletives raced through his mind as he raced back towards the rest of his band
133. Forward (vorentoe) :: I looked up and saw the huge hull of a docked superfreighter quickly filling my forward view
134. Genius (genie) :: Throughout that career he has shown such genius for dividing opinion and pouring lemon into wounds that he has made himself a fortune
135. Grieve (treur) :: So it really grieves me to hear members criticise such families
136. Overweening (verwaand) :: The notion itself has an overweening hubris to it
137. Saccharine (sakkarien) :: It is very nice that they love each other and all but their banter did get a bit saccharine at times
138. Smother (versmoor) :: When that wasnt enough he then smothered the man in makeup a cumbersome costume and ludicrous prosthetics
139. Thick (dik) :: The rich thick forest cover around the Etna region is an added attraction to the tourists
140. Unintelligent (denkende) :: I wont further unintelligence by linking to the egregiously misnamed party with the bucks
141. Uninterested (geïnteresseerd) :: She would often ring him and have nothing much to say or even sound bored and uninterested on the phone
142. Woebegone (ongeneeslik) :: Her woebegone eyes spoke of unbearable suffering
143. Woeful (ongelukkige) :: Owen Hughes says Tuesday night was a pathetic and woeful effort which he was extremely embarrassed and angry about

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