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121. Allergic (allergiese) :: Of the allergic diseases eczema is the most common among both adults and children
122. Allergy (allergie) :: Symptoms of a food allergy usually develop within about an hour after eating the offending food
123. Bang (Knal) :: One night I started twisting the dial hoping that something would happen and then bang
124. Bouncing (weerkaats) :: Hell also able to hold up his head confidently so you can enjoy bouncing jiggling action rhymes together
125. Burnt (verbrand) ::
126. Crisis (krisis) :: I also have a good job and salary which is enough to feed an entire family during the economic crisis
127. Drawn (getrek) :: Cleo sat perched on a stool looking drawn and anxious
128. Fracture (verbreking) :: It is brittle breaking with a conchoidal to uneven fracture and it has a hardness of 25 and a measured density of 582
129. Get (kry) :: We almost lost the school a few years ago and we do not want to get into that situation again
130. Ghastly (woede) :: If her face was pale before it was nothing compared to the ghastly appearance at the moment
131. Groggy (deurmekaar) :: She brought us shifts and gowns and we slipped into them groggy from grief and lack of sleep
132. Heal (genees) :: But Foot was seen as a conciliator who would heal divisions in the party
133. Healer (geneser) ::
134. Health (gesondheid) :: Low levels of autonomy and low self esteem are likely to be related to worse health
135. Healthful (gesonde) :: Thats a mediadriven ideal that youre never going to healthfully obtain
136. Healthy (gesonde) :: Theres something to be said for healthy competition
137. Inhale (inasem) :: Alone Ian takes a deep breath inhaling the perfumed air shes left in her wake
138. Inhaler (inhaleerder) :: The drug is a legally prescribed element within inhalers taken by asthma sufferers
139. Mineral (minerale) :: The countrys lack of mineral resources weak colonial institutions and early cultivation of coffee allowed stable democratic foundations to form
140. Mumps (pampoentjies) :: Angus was given the mumps measles and rubella inoculation when he was 15 months old
141. Prescribe (voorskryf) :: My blood and urine were tested and the doctors did not prescribe any medicine but advised me to avoid salt
142. Prescription (voorskrif) :: Ive got to pick up my prescription
143. Pyromania (Pyromanie) :: But he never took the blame fingering those fictitious pyromaniacs
144. Recovery (herstel) :: Another drill that can aid in the acceleration for recovery is swimming butterfly with a flutter kick
145. Recuperate (herstel) :: The quickly qualifying and anxietyridden of course indicates that for Irene his masculinity has to be rapidly recuperated from any trace of the feminine
146. Syringe (spuit) :: It has held up well in the heat and we have not had to send guys around syringing
147. Thrive (floreer) :: Its not that I find such constant flux unpleasant to a certain extent I thrive on it

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